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All About the Diet and Menu of Luciana Gimenez

After the gestation of Lorenzo, Luciana lost 28 pounds in about six months.

She did gymnastics, Yoga, diet to lose belly food with meals at set times and invested in breastfeeding.

The presenter achieves the same, but his power is more balanced than ever before. “I Believe that most women know that it is fattening.

I love chocolate and homemade cake, but it is obvious that I do not have this pleasure regularly, because I know that I’m going to get fat” speech.

To Luciana, the technique is to focus on a purpose and run behind him. During the process of losing weight, told that prevented to pass through the kitchen to not have will and eat on impulse and was afraid of not getting the body before pregnancy.

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(VIDEO) → How to Lose weight Fast Lose 8kg in A Week without Starving yourself


1 pancake protein + 1 cup of coffee with a little skim milk + 2 fingers of green juice (with beet, cabbage, ginger and orange)

Morning Snack
Shake whey protein (1 scoop) with skim milk

1 chicken fillet or fish with quinoa + 1 serving of vegetables + salad of tuna with lemon

Afternoon Snack
Shake whey protein (1 scoop) with skim milk or fruit juice or the fruit in natura

1 fillet of meat grilled + vegetables + green salad + ½ cup coconut water

1 chestnut-of-cashew, or 3 strawberries, or ½ papaya

How to Lose Weight in Adolescence

You’ve had enough to feel bad about your weight. It can be difficult as a teenager to lose weight with all the good things in school, or if your friends ask for a pizza.

it Is difficult, in any way, but if you are determined and motivated you can! Remember not to overdo it, because it is unhealthy. Be strong, not weak! Do not give up!

1. Set goals

Start with something simple. Don’t start with goals absurd that you will never reach. If you do this, then you will feel just as bad when it fails.

2. Create a plan

Find some free time after school, or to begin exercising. Fill your calendar with some exercises that you can perform to lose weight.

3. Early in the morning, wake up with your diet

often help to make a new start. Get ready to before a night. Make a plan for the next few weeks or months.

Eat Healthy

1. Eat healthy foods and do not skip meals

Eat five small meals per day, at intervals of 3-4 hours. The sugar in the blood, therefore, remains stable and you will not start to feel hungry.

2. Eat at the table

Try to eat your food in a specific place (unless you exit with your friends). This prevents you from eating and stand idly on the TV. Take time to chew foods well, count each bite. Chewing can also ensure that you lose weight. You will get full faster and will not eat much more.

Remember, you need at least 20 minutes before you realize that you are full or not hungry. Try not to eat too much. If you are full, stop eating. Keep your empty plate.

3. Do not eat after 21:00

This keeps your body on track. Because your metabolism during the night (especially during sleep) it is not so difficult to work with, it also means that your body no longer eats at the point of the lower digestion.

4. If you want to make a snack, choose fruits and vegetables healthy instead of candy and chips

If you really hate vegetables, choice of hummus or peanut butter. Or go to a handful of nuts without salt. Greek yogurt also helps your metabolism to trigger very much like (for example, eating according to honey and berries).

Popcorn (without added salt or butter) also helps to relieve the cravings. The fact that it is full of fiber.

5. Check the menu online before you go to a restaurant

Select the front what you want to eat (sometimes they even put the nutritional values). This means not only that you can make choices a little more aware and healthy, this also means that you are less likely to satisfy your desires and choose something that you really should not eat.

6. Ask for smaller portions at mealtime

it Is easier to eat and empty his plate. It is a habit fully automatic of your meals in eating.

in addition, try to eat on a plate smaller. So, fool your brain, making it believe that you ate more than you actually ate.

7. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day

You will not drink it all at once, but just take a few sips throughout the day. Do what you find better and more convenient, but make sure you meet the amount. This ensures that you feel more full.

Learn to love the taste of the water, and take more liquid daily for you to improve your health and digestion. Fruit and vegetable juices that have been stripped of their fiber are secondary to the eating fruits and vegetables themselves. Try to avoid juices so as not to make in your home.

This is a good way to do a large amount of nutrients for you, and aid in weight loss. It is also proven that if you drink three litres of water per day, you to combat loose skin. This will give you less wrinkles.

8. Try to suck a bullet from mint instead of chewing a piece of chewing gum

Chewing gum is good for burning calories, but it is not good for your stomach. When chewing, you swallow more air. If you want to freshen the breath, go to the mint.


1. Walk as much as you can

The average person burns walk about 6 calories per minute. Try to start each day with a walk at least 1.5 km.

Make walking every day a little more. Walk at a fast pace. In the beginning it is important simply to walk, then, and then run fast.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

15 minutes a day of walking increases life expectancy by three years, indicates studies.

Dance along with the music on your TV or your MP3 player. Any kind of movement ensures that you lose weight. So, make fun of yourself and dance.

2. Sports

it doesn’t matter if you lift weights, do swimming or running on a treadmill, you will lose weight if you have been practicing a sport 3-4 days a week and you will burn more calories than you gain.

If you do not have a treadmill, look for a swimming pool. Walk up to the place you want, so you simply burn as many calories as when you walk on a treadmill.

Other Ways

1. Weigh yourself each week on a given day

Do this before eating in the morning and after going to the bathroom. This allows you to better show you how many pounds you have lost, then weigh yourself every day.

If you’re still growing, so your weight is still changing. You may suspect that you gained, in reality, you can only have received a little more muscle. Look at the size of your waist. This way, you can see if you lost fat.

Weigh every day, to take the call the obsession of the scale. This is an obsession unhealthy with the book of daily results. If you keep the moisture in the body, you can add only 2.5 pounds a day to its weight, so can be very misleading.

Remember that you must see weight loss as a continuous process. Your hard work and determination will result, but if you keep motivated and optimistic.

Only a few people are completely satisfied with their bodies. Try to make your own body, as much as possible, love it o. Your body will also keep.

2. Keep your progress

This way, you can keep an eye on big changes. Keep a record of everything you eat and any type of exercise that you have done and the size of your waist (or which part of the body that you want to lose weight).

Tell your total consumption of calories (try to get up to 2,000 calories) and how many calories you want to have burned (most exercise machines give you a rough estimate of how many calories you burned).

If you change your diet to lose weight or exercise routine, you can see which program works best for you.

3. Be confident

If you are confiante about weight loss, then you are more likely to make progress. And it really works!

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself

If you turn off a day of your diet fast, then this is not the problem. If you eat foods from around the bucket of garbage, do not worry!

Just go to the next day still in good condition. Do not give up!


do Not despair if you do not lose weight in the first week. Stress causes more weight. Stay positive to lose weight faster.

Start to lose a little (about 1.5 to 4 pounds). If you see 1.5-4 pounds go away, then you will feel very well.

you can Also have a feeling that you have a lot more weight to lose.

If you have hungry between meals, eat a healthy snack. This keeps your blood sugar level and prevents you from overeating in the next meal.

do Not skip meals. You may think that you lose weight by skipping meals, but it only does the opposite. If you miss a meal, therefore, you’re more prone to eat foods not healthy that is rich in fat and sugar.

Lie on the bed and lift your legs every day 25 times for his stomach.

If you exercise, think about how you will look as if I had lost weight. This will expand your workout!

don’t give up! We know that it is difficult to work out and eat healthy things, every day! And importantly, keep it.

If you give up everything, will fall into his old pattern and you will have the feeling that everything was useless. If you win the willpower and determination to lose weight, so will be the best decision of his life.

If you are able to make the point, then imagine how good you will look if you go with it. Prove to everyone that doubted you, that you also may have a sexy body!

Listen to music while exercising. Try each exercise perform a different song (sports rhythmic).

The scale can lie. You can get to lose two pounds, and also lose ten inches from their waist.

Try to after each meal or snack, brush your teeth. Everything seems to be less fascinating if you have toothpaste in your mouth.

If you have the feeling of being alone, know that there are always people who experience the same things as you.

Try abdominal crunches or lifting your legs.

If you have cravings sweets, take a popsicle. They do not contain many calories and help to combat the attraction.

teenagers need to sleep about 8 to 10 hours per night.

Keep the green food. The green foods are packed with iron. Examples include peas, spinach, and broccoli.

Go running. Stretch to warm up, and start to run with some friends or a group. It is more fun with friends. Listen to music to distract you from what you’re actually doing.

Do jogging, if you don’t like to run.

Yoga stretches your muscles, making it that much time, it develops the muscle mass.

Try to each meal, a cup of tea or a glass of vegetable juice. Then you will feel more full for a meal.

For teenagers, it takes up to two months before you see a big change in your weight.

If you exercise you will feel more confident about your body, even if you stay at the same weight.

celery is a great snack. It is proven that if you burn more calories by eating celery, as the number of calories that it contains. So, you can lose weight by eating. It is never a good fill with any food.

Occasionally, you have permission to sign out of your book. If your mother at Christmas made his pie world-famous cherry, just have a piece. Try leaving the crust out. Then you’ll have the flavor but not the calories.

Start with a sport that you like. You will really notice the difference.

it Is important that you keep your body in mind: don’t expect to look like a supermodel when the whole world is forced a little by your family.

Drink green tea, stimulates digestion.

Use clothes slimming. You eliminate fats, and you’ll feel better about yourself.

Talk with people about why you want to lose weight. Most people have excellent ideas on how to do this better.

Some people think that it is easier to go along with a friend (or even your mother).

Always read the safety instructions before you get going with the electrical equipment. It is not healthy or good to have a red scar along your arm (burned on the treadmill).

Set realistic goals (5 pounds per month is not realistic).

The visits to the gym can be a fun way to lose weight.

UPDATED: 06.06.17



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