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All About the Diet and Menu of ELIANA

Blonde, beautiful and talented! Adjectives that prevail in the new phase of tv presenter Eliana.

Introducing a program that has your name in the SHOW, the blonde does not measure efforts to combine the care of the child and the habitual practice of work.

like many women, Eliana does not discourage when the theme is diet to lose belly and workout.

Always showing a belly healed during the training, “My belly meets fast to the incentives of the workout.

I do Not do a thousand crunches, I do the movements focused and work well with the breath, which assists in setting” reveals.

in Addition to making a lot of the exercises, the blonde spoke of your diet to lose weight and gave a hint of what she does to leave the body, ideal when you need to display it in campaigns. “a Few days before, change the dinner for a shake protein, I don’t drink alcoholic beverages and I delete the salt, the white flour and lactose-free” he said.

Motherhood: ‘you have to break the stigma that motherhood deforms the body of the mother’

the Mother of Arthur, 3 years, Eliana has also spoken that he stepped up the activities after the birth of the child. It is necessary to undo the brand name that the maternity disfigures the woman’s body. “The woman that cares, is easy to possess the contours from before.”

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(VIDEO) → How to Lose weight Fast Lose 8kg in A Week without Starving yourself


Yogurt with granola or honey + boiled egg or white cheese + 1 slice of wholemeal bread + juice + coffee with milk

Morning Snack
Yogurt or a banana or brown

Carbohydrate full + protein + vegetables and greens

Afternoon Snack
Yogurt or a banana or brown

Soup or japanese

7 Tips and 3 Mistakes to Burn Belly Fat

You will find yourself excess weight, especially in your belly? You’ve tried everything, but you still are not satisfied with your belly fat?

The cause of belly fat

Earlier, people were much more thin. In fact, since a few years ago, there are more fat people than thin.

This is not because there are less skinny people in the world, but mainly because they are getting fatter. This thickening has several factors, but most important are our diet to lose weight fast and too little exercise.

A large part of the power supply that we control is produced in the normal supermarket (or prepared). This means that the food does not come directly from nature. It was edited to make it a longer shelf life, to be sold on best, prepared to be faster and other reasons.

Still, moves very little, there are a number of factors exist that ensure that excess belly fat is lost very hardly.

3 Common Mistakes in Burning Belly Fat

1. Abdominal exercises

abdominal Exercises are definitely good for your body, but this does not burn the belly fat, you’re probably not going to work.

what you do is to train the abdominal muscles, abdominal fat just will not disappear so quickly.

of Course it is true that something fat is burned in any physical activity, but this is too little to call for an effective way to burn belly fat.

2. Avoid fatty foods

There are healthy fats and unhealthy. The body has healthy fats certainly required, even if you are working to burn belly fat.

eat healthy fats have quickly less chance of feeling hungry and your body stays healthy.

3. Eat less

This goes to a very unpleasant and the duration of starvation irresistible. The risk of binge eating will only increase later. In addition, there is a sign in biological transmitted to your body that it is precisely the extra to save a lot of energy. This means that the fat is maintained for a longer time.

Your body is economical with the energy it receives, because that energy at a later time need to rigidly added. Therefore, keep enough food so that your body know there is enough food in the area.

Burn belly fat

To burn belly fat is really significant to burn the fat that is in a certain place, in this case, in the abdomen.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to locally burn fat. In the same way that it is not possible to get in fat. As each individual is different and is largely determined by the genes.

If someone makes more fat will be thicker on your arms, on your buttocks, hips, thighs, abdomen or even the neck.


A good rule of thumb to burn belly fat is to eat only unprocessed foods and natural. In addition, there are other tips that will help you very well in getting a tight stomach:

1. Avoid all foods bad and processed foods, such as:


  • Cookies.
  • the

  • fries.
  • the

  • Desserts.
  • the

  • fried Foods.
  • the

  • Sauces fatty.
  • the

  • Chocolate.
  • the

  • Sweet.
  • the

  • Pie.
  • the

  • ice Cream.

2. Eat only foods from the following groups:


  • Vegetable (regardless of the amount, especially green leaves).
  • the

  • Fruit (two to three units per day).
  • the

  • Fish such as herring, mackerel, tuna, sardines and salmon.
  • the

  • Eggs (omega 3 eggs are best).
  • the

  • Meat (cattle that graze freely and eat grass, such as corn and cereals).
  • the

  • Nuts, grains and seeds.
  • the

  • natural Oils for healthy, such as olive oil, coconut oil and flaxseed oil.
  • the

  • Carbs slowly, such as quinoa, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and vegetables.

3. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day:

to Have enough water (8-10 glasses) per day helps to increase your metabolism, which further helps to burn abdominal fat.

water is also one of the best appetite suppressant natural. You can reduce your appetite by drinking a glass of water before meals, which in turn leads to weight loss again.

4. Sports

This can be an endurance sport, such as running, cycling, swimming. You prefer to stay inside, you can use an exercise bike, cross trainer, rowing machine or treadmill. Do one of two things, or three times per week and 30-45 minutes of duration.

You are in good shape and want to burn belly fat even faster, you can do interval training. This is more intense than cardio, but you can burn more belly fat in less time.

5. Get enough sleep:

Sleep short will make you store fat. This is because your body with sleep short will store moisture in the form of fat.

in addition, your body does not have energy during the day and this is offset by the desire for more food. Thus, the probability of you eating too much larger. Therefore, make sure you get the sleep every night for at least 8 hours.

6. Eat 3 times:

Previously it was believed that if you spend all day eating, digestion, must also be busy throughout the day. This is quite true, but this does not mean that you therefore burn more calories.

Therefore, try a healthy lunch and an evening meal with few carbohydrates fast. If you crave less snacks, this will help you to burn belly fat.

7. View:

what you want to achieve in your life, you will get it sooner if you view. So if you want a tight stomach and a plan, imagine all the days to know how you want your belly look and how you feel.

Just think that your body will cooperate automatically more, you will also realize that you are more motivated to go to burn belly fat.

final Method for belly fat

Now everything you read about burning belly fat, you’ll have to find a way to build these tips into your daily routine regular.

3 Habits that Burn Belly Fat

Lose your belly fat is not something that is difficult. The only reason he is even is because you are simply has not suffered enough, or just has a habit that takes time to store fat.

Burning belly fat is the same as pushing a ball of natural size on a lot. If you put two bolts to the highest point of the hill, the ball rolls to the back.

You can get a flat stomach by developing certain habits (simple). Healthy habits. Habits certain foods and other everyday things. Habits a few times a week for half an hour the sport (or movement).

we Forget that, sometimes, only 2mm from the end result that we have in mind.

Because after all, if you’re driving in the car and do a course correction two millimeters (2mm you rotate the wheel to the other side), so after a 100 km ride you will be in a totally different place.

When you are playing golf and hit the ball only 2mm of your ideal point of contact, then he falls, probably, tens of metres from the direction.

An adaptation of two mm is now giving out over time a very different outcome.

These are the people who do not look to the golden pill, and only gradually are improving their habits, getting 100% satisfied with the body.

You can also do this

I’m going to show you the following my three best habits that show a setting of 2 millimeters, but over the next few months to make a difference in several pounds (belly) fat more or less.

1. Create a little more

One of the worst habits is to go to work (or follow the path) without taking food. At the same time you get hungry and with the lack of health.

A belly set for life, however, requires eating healthy, fresh food and not processed.

When you arrive at night, eat vegetables cooked with the chicken, take 200 grams of vegetables and 200 grams of chicken, extras, and take it on the next day, back to work (or more or less depending on your needs).

If you have eaten salad during the night, hold (for example, a little bit of olive oil with lemon) separately (so that the lettuce is good), make enough for lunch and take the next day to work.

it Is a small effort for the night, but it gives you many results if you eat healthy during your lunch instead of a sandwich or fast a meal pre-packed.

2. Eating for another reason

Are the 3 main reasons why we eat too much:

Because we want to fill our stomach.

For fun, the joy of cooking, great food.

To feel comfortable, as a solution to certain emotions.

Why most people take coffee in the morning?

For a good start of the day.

As we had lunch?

With a quick bite to go to work soon.

Why we have a snack?

To have something in your stomach.

But if you eat in the morning to start the day well, having a large amount of energy, we should not even ask where the energy actually really comes from?

it is Not true that, if our body is healthy and vital, we have a lot of energy?

Has children (who have not been exposed for years to excessive sugars, preservatives, alcohol, coffee, etc.) that have a large amount of energy.

Health is energy.

We eat the nutrients we need to live in full health?

Is that our bodies change as we give to our body the vitamins, minerals, fats and essential amino acids that we need for optimal function of our bodies?

You can eat bread (although there are loaves of bread much more healthy than the cereals of wheat, where the bread is done, such as quinoa and amaranth), is mainly about the amounts and the reasons why you eat.

We eat for the wrong reasons.

And it takes our bodies all the energy time and effort to intruders (salt, sugar, etc.) to delete.

Result: the storage of body fat (in the abdomen)

For the vitality of the body, drink plenty of water and provide a vital nutrition to eat: green leafy and other vegetables (essential minerals), fruit (in moderation), healthy fats (add your essential fatty acids, eat a handful of nuts per day, one avocado and oily fish), protein (to give your body essential amino acids, that give a feeling of fullness) and carbohydrate moderately healthy (quinoa, amaranth, spelt, buckwheat, bulgur or sweet potato), you eat depending on your goal this time (if you want to lose fat, then you would have carbs in moderation and you run a marathon you can eat more fat without being stored, because they are burned during the exercise).

Food for another reason it makes you look very different from what you eat and gives you a totally different result (ie, a belly more smooth).

3. Move in the right way

I have often written that cardio is not the best way to burn fat, and certainly not the most efficient.

You can achieve a better burning (fat) in less time with muscle toning (strength) exercises.
Select 4 to 6 exercises using only your body weight, or a training tool for the home (for example, a Kettlebell).

Make after a few repetitions of the first exercise, for 15 to 20 reps per exercise and take up to 60 seconds of rest after each set.

Do 4 series of each exercise (4x 15 to 20 reps).

Train large muscle groups (doing squats, push-ups, etc.) and alternating two exercises with each other (a set of squats alternating with a set of pushups, then rest and repeat this combination 4x).

Do exercises not only reserved for people who are naturally athletic

Is for all who make the choice to live more healthy.

Even if you weigh 150 kg (or even more), but decides to develop healthier habits, gradually, you will be rewarded. Even with this weight that you can train, just on their level.

it’s about developing the habits.

Habits that burn belly fat.

Take the matter into their own hands and choose one of the three habits above to apply this week.

UPDATED: 31.05.17



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