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in Addition to helping you maintain a healthy diet, diary entries allows you to learn about their eating habits.

If you notice that you are eating the same things regularly, look for new food to test your taste buds and activate your digestive system in your diet to lose belly.

2. Lift Weights

If the exercises cardio are your only training routine, you need to familiarize yourself with the training with weights.

Squat and deadlift the bar to build lean muscle mass to speed up your metabolism.

3. Change Speed

A good way to shock your body to burn more fat is vary the pace at which you perform resistance exercises.

For example, prefer exercises with four seconds to control the reduction phase of a movement and make the second phase even more quickly than usual.

4. Relax

If your body is stressed, your cortisol levels will be high.

Although this stress hormone is essential for your body, a high amount can cause the storage of fat in your belly and get your diet to lose weight.

Find the time to meditate, take a relaxing bath or just to keep the calm in his mind.

5. Expose yourself to Vitamin D

Many people don’t like the sunlight, but this is a perfect treatment to get high doses of vitamin D.

If this is your case, seek to complement this lack of vitamin D with supplements of high quality because this vitamin combat the fat, and strengthens the calcium in the body.

6. Eat more Fat

You think that to cut the fat, will make your diet to lose weight fast more efficient?

In fact, good fats such as oily fish, nuts and avocado will give you energy and nutrients without accumulation in the body.

Not allowing exercises on an empty stomach, as this will not increase your calorie burn.

7. Rest

You need days of complete rest once in a while to every four to six weeks of training.

This means performing your normal routine in a volume and intensity much lower.

This toggle will force you to recover when you are in movement, which means that you will come back stronger, achieving a greater impact on your results.

8. Relax

Allow some parties to control their desires. Enjoy one meal per week to give in to your desires and keep your metabolism activity.

So, go ahead, there’s nothing wrong with a big juicy burger with a serving of fries crispy, once in a while!

9. Sleep Quality

Sleep to lose weight? It seems too good to be true!

In fact, a good night’s sleep is vital for all those who exercise regularly.

sleep plays a big role in weight loss because it triggers the hormone leptin, which controls appetite.

If you sleep little, it is likely that you eat more during your waking hours.

10. Do Sprints Cardio

If you like yourself, and of the exercises cardio, make sure that you are incorporating interval training into your routine also.

It has a much greater effect upon burning, keeping fat burning at rest.

it is Also wise to start with sprints if all you are practicing is the lifting of weights.