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The detoxification of harmful substances in the body is a continuous process, and does not need to be unpleasant.

In fact, the best way may be to detoxify gradually.

A reasonable way for the detox the body you can include something in the long term, combined with fasting (3-5 days).

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>> the Approach to The long-Term for Detoxification

To support truly the detoxification processes of the body, a detoxification programme in long-term is recommended.

In particular, you must support the health of your liver.

For this, there are three things you definitely must avoid:

– saturated fats

– refined Sugar

– Alcohol

A diet rich in saturated fat increases the risk of the development of infiltration and/or acids, cholestasis, any condition in which the flow of bile from the liver is slowed or blocked.

In contrast, a diet rich in fiber, particularly water-soluble fibers, promotes increased secretion of bile.

foods rich in factors that help protect the liver from damage and improve liver function include:

– Foods like garlic, legumes, onions and eggs sulfur-containing;

– Good sources of soluble fiber in water, such as pears, oat bran, apples and legumes;

– Plant of the family of the cabbage, especially broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, etc.;

– Artichokes, beets, carrots, dandelion;

– Many herbs and spices such as saffron, cinnamon and ginger.

Avoid alcohol if you suffer from liver failure, and only drink in moderation (no more than two glasses of wine or beer, no more than two servings of hard liquor per day for men, half for women).

Alcohol overload processes of detoxification of the body to lose weight and can lead to liver damage and immune suppression.

>> Tips to cleanse with Fruit and Vegetable Juices

The majority of healthy people do not need to do a strict fast of water to help in detoxification. Instead, a fruit juice and fresh vegetables three to five days of fasting actually provides the greatest benefit.

(Note: only fresh fruit or vegetable juice, prepared from a juicer, should be used to aid elimination, because fresh juice provides the enzymes important to our system).

Drink fresh juice reduces some of the side effects associated with a fast of water, such as dizziness, fatigue and headaches.

While on a fresh juice fast, individuals typically experience an increased sense of well-being, renewed energy, thinking clearer, and a sense of purity.

Although a short juice fast can be started at any time, it is better to start on a weekend or during a time when you can be sure to have adequate rest.

The more rest, the better the result, the energy can be directed toward healing instead of other body functions.

get Ready for a fast on the previous day of solid food, because the routine is broken, some authorities recommend a full day of raw food to start a fast, even a juice fast.

Consume fresh juice over the next three to five days, preferably from 8 to four cups throughout the day.

Virtually any fresh juice provides support for detoxification; however, some of the best juices to consume during includes pineapple-ginger; cranberry with apples; spinach with celery, red cabbage with apple, red cabbage with broccoli and cabbage, carrot with apple, and parsley with carrot, spinach and celery-tomato.

The ability of detoxify the body is one of the critical factors for health. It’s amazing how well the body handles the constant onslaught of modern life.

Fasting juice, as well as an approach to the long-term detoxification, can be used to support the mechanisms of detoxification of the body.




  • Option 1: 1 cup 200 ml of juice of melon and cauliflower, 2 pieces of toast with pumpkin gluten-free, 1 portion of scrambled egg with walnuts
  • the

  • Option 2: Vitamin made with 1 unit of red apple ,1 col tea of cinnamon powder, 1 col dessert flax seed crushed ,1 cup 200 ml of soy milk light, 1 unit of roasted full gluten-free,1 col tea coconut oil
  • the

  • Option 3: Juice made with 1 cup 200 mL of grape juice, 1 unit of nuts, 1 slice of loaf of bread without gluten, 1 egg scrambled with 1 slice of tofu and parsley
  • the

  • Option 4: 1 pot of natural yoghurt with 1 tea cup of breakfast cereal flakes with no sugar and 1 tablespoon of jelly

Morning Snack


  • Option 1: 1 unit of red apple
  • the

  • Option 2: Juice made with ½ unit of lima-of-persia ,1 col soup of spinach,1 col sopa mint
  • the

  • Option 3: Juice made with 1 col soup of carrot,1 cup 200mL coconut water,1 col tablespoon parsley
  • the

  • Option 4: 05 dried plums



  • Option 1: Salad made with ½ plate of watercress,1 col soup, carrot, cooked, ½ cup tea of bud of alfalfa, 1 col sopa soybean cooked ,1 col tea, olive oil extravirgem, 1 put salmon in garlic and rosemary, 2 col soup broccoli
  • the

  • Option 2: Salad made with ½ plate of lettuce – american, 3 slices tomato , ¼ unit of cucumber,1 col sopa de quinoa grain cooked ,1 col tea, olive oil extravirgem, 4 col soup fresh tuna stir fry, 1 col soup of steamed spinach, 3 col soup bean sprout, cooked
  • the

  • Option 3: Salad made with 3 col cabbage soup raw white ,3 slices tomato,1 col soup beetroot grated raw,1 unit of nuts ,1 col tea, olive oil,extravirgem, 2 col rice soup with broccoli,1 chicken fillet to the saffron, 1 col pumpkin soup-jmlejq cooked
  • the

  • Option 4: 1 dish of salad of endive with watercress and 2 col maize soup (season with a drizzle of olive oil, lemon and salt), 2 oven gloves wheat pasta, with 2 col tablespoon tomato sauce, 1 fillet medium of red meat, grilled

Afternoon tea


  • Option 1: 2 slices of sweet potato, 3 slices of tofu with a parsley and olive oil
  • the

  • Option 2: Juice made with 1 slice of watermelon,1 col tablespoon of mint, 2 units of chestnut-do-pará
  • the

  • Option 3: 3 units of toast with pumpkin gluten-free, 1 serving of the chickpeas
  • the

  • Option 4: 1 thin slice of cake, simple



  • Option 1: Salad made with 2 col soup red pepper and 3 col soup sardine escabeche, 3 col soup of broccoli,1 col tea olive oil antioxidant made with olive oil extravirgem, garlic ,fresh rosemary, fresh basil, oregano, dry
  • the

  • Option 2: Salad made with ½ plate of lettuce or endive, 5 units of cherry tomatoes, 1 radish, 1 col soup bean sprouts, cooked, 4 slices of tofu, 6 units of egg quail, 2 units of nuts,1 col tea, olive oil extravirgem, 1 unit of red plum
  • the

  • Option 3: Salad made with ½ plate of watercress, 3 slices of tomato, 2 pieces of asparagus, fresh, 2 col sopa de milho-verde, 1 col tea, olive oil extravirgem, 2 servings of burger quinoa with oats
  • the

  • Option 4: 1 plate of pea soup with mint and feta cheese



  • Option 1: 1 cup of tea of dandelion
  • the

  • Option 2: 1 cup fennel
  • the

  • Option 3: 1 cup of white tea
  • the

  • Option 4: 1 guava

Detoxifying and Anti-inflammatory Diet

A healthy diet can really make a lot from a therapeutic point of view.

In fact, many times do not realize it, but the majority of diseases and conditions of discomfort, such as gastric reflux, lack of energy, difficulty to rest as well, are due to an inflammatory state in the body.

it is good to understand which foods may relieve the inflammation and oxidative stress, and that stress these conditions.

In some cases, additionally, it may be useful to count with a detox diet food and anti-inflammatory for about 10 to 15 days.

To restore the good functioning of our body and free us for small or large disturbances that create discomfort in everyday life.


inflammation of the body generally, is probably the source of bloating, skin disorders, mental fatigue.

Able to understand what are the foods that help make us feel evil is the necessary first step to reduce the symptoms of inflammation.

Among the foods that should be avoided are definitely the food quality, fried foods, and packaged foods.

In particular, the food quality is filled with artificial sweeteners, preservatives and dyes that increase inflammation in the body.

Then we have the hydrogenated fat content in the margarines and some baked goods. We can often avoid them by reading labels carefully.

The main foods pro-inflammatory remain, however, foods of animal origin (except for fish, the presence of Omega-3).

In particular, products with high content of fat in animals, such as sausages, meats and cheeses.

The meat, in fact, help to create an inflammatory state in the body.

The excessive consumption of dairy products, namely, milk, butter, yogurt, cheeses, can cause inflammation in the body. This is also due to residues of antibiotics administered to the animals in the farms.

The white sugar, and, in general, all foods that increase the rate of sugar in the blood also predispose to inflammation.

This category includes all drinks-carbonated soft drinks and fruit juices that provide for the addition of refined sugar, but sweets and alcohol.

gluten is a protein found in cereals such as wheat, barley and spelt which can cause food intolerances and diseases.

in addition, it is believed that the excessive consumption of products that contain gluten can cause inflammation and excessive acidification the body.

Diet cleansing

The cereal in general, more suitable for a good anti-inflammatory diet is brown rice, whose fiber in addition to being antioxidant, regulate the functioning of the intestines.

The profits are also foods that contain fats Omega-3, such as oily fish.

Among the oils to be preferred, better to choose the olive oil in comparison with seed oils.

Even in flaxseed, pumpkin seeds and onion.

In general, however, it is good to promote the consumption of whole grains, vegetables and fruits in season, preferably grown organically.

They can do the work even some spices such as turmeric and ginger, which have a strong antioxidant and healing power.

Important for a point of view inflammatory is also the operation and the cleaning of the colon.

Food detox

One of the most well-known food detox is the artichoke.

For example, how to obtain success in helping the good functioning of the liver, due to its content of cynarin, which not only stimulates digestion, but also the secretion of bile.

Then there are the green leaves, as spinach, salads, broccoli, acting in our digestive tract, making it easier to eliminate toxins.

Among the vegetables, a special mention must be made for the cabbage, which is both anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer.

do Not forget, however, even the fennel that purify the stomach and radishes and zucchini that, instead, clear the bowel.

Still, there is garlic, anti-inflammatory and cleansing: helps the liver work better.

then, the whole grains, fresh fruits and foods rich in fiber.

Among these, an important contribution comes from the beet, the consumption of which helps in the elimination of toxins.

onions are an excellent drainage and detoxify the kidneys.

flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which support the healthy development of our cells and help the natural process of digestion and detoxification of the body.

Detox diet inflammatory

Now here is an example of the plan of anti-inflammatory detoxification.

in This plan, should be present on a daily basis:

5 servings of fruits and vegetables with high antioxidant (such as berries, spinach, broccoli);

2 servings of beverages anti-inflammatory drugs;

1 part fruit juice;

extra virgin Olive oil.

Such a plan is intended to reduce the inflammation in the body.

You may decide to include an extract of carrot and applesauce only to wake up in the morning and take your drink inflammatory the middle of the morning and afternoon.

This program should be followed by about 10-15 days, a period in which you are going to completely eliminate all foods that increase or cause inflammation in your body.

An unhealthy lifestyle, then brings our body not functioning at your best.

it Is good to know, and then you enter in the detox diet or detoxification food, which, thanks to its properties.

Can help the body to purify and remove excess toxins, promote the elimination of waste and, why not, at the same time reduce your body weight.

Here is a list of the best food detoxification.

The regular consumption of spices and herbs can promote processes of purification of the body.

These include: oregano, cinnamon, cumin, ginger, fennel, black pepper, parsley, rosemary and saffron.

garlic, a powerful antiviral, antiseptic and antibiotic, helps to eliminate toxins and endogenous, to maintain low levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

The fibers, which are contained mainly in fruits and vegetables, aid and help to detoxify the body and, in particular, to ensure the cleaning of the intestine.

The fibers are divided into soluble and insoluble.

Fiber especially soluble, found mainly in fruits and vegetables, delaying the gastric emptying and, thus, help to increase the sensation of satiety.

in addition, these fibers slow down and reduce the absorption of cholesterol, and lead to a better glycemic control.

The insoluble fibre, on the other hand, we find them mostly in beans and vegetables whole and help increase the mass of fecal accelerating the intestinal transit.

Therefore, reducing the time of contact of the intestines with harmful substances or toxic substances, to speed up the evacuation.

The cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, turnip, radish, and arugula, rich in vitamins and phytochemicals, including sulforafano with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, but especially cancer, detoxify toxins in general.

The green leafy vegetables should be introduced in the daily diet, to get the consume at least two servings per day.

Go ahead, then the lettuce, celery, spinach, chicory and swiss chard.

These vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, and detoxify your body with lemon and heavy metals, pollutants and toxins and contain vitamins and minerals.

The lemon is a great detox food, effective way to rebalance the body and alkalize the pH, allowing you to recover the acid-base balance.

in addition, being rich in vitamin C, which has a good antioxidant and combats the formation of free radicals responsible for the aging process.

Among the foods detoxifying the first place is reserved for the water.

Drink at least 2 litres of water a day helps to cleanse it, to facilitate the elimination of waste and toxins and drain excess liquid.

UPDATED: 05.06.17



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