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Diet of the Beautiful Gil

You may think that this eating properly, by eating the green leaves in almost all of your meals.

every day, consumes a lot of water, feeding every three hours to achieve a good reduction in weight, eat 3 to 4 kinds of chips per day, is diet to lose weight health

But, if you are able to these tips the nutritionist of 25 years, Isabella will give you some advice.

Beautiful worked in New York where he lived together with his family, graduated with a degree in nutrition and became a chef natureba, long before you see your homeland Brazil, even in this beginning of the year.

a few months Ago, appeared in Italy, being invited by Carlo Petrini, to make a speech next to his father.

Before you submit to the interview, Isabella was on the eve of going to Rome. She was already out of the house since the middle of the day.

Basically eats only whole grains and some vegetables without pesticides on a day like this.

“I Brought a portion of my beans vegetarian. Last night I made chocolate chip cookies and almonds, the only bullshit that I leave the Flower (daughter of 5 years) to eat, and I separated the two to nibble on later,” reveals a few minutes before boarding the plane.

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“On the plane, drank water, slept, and not eaten anything else. Coming here, we went to lunch around 17h, and I ate credites and grilled fish with vegetables.”

when Ever this far away from the kitchen, she prefers environments that are not macrobiotic (your choice in Brazil is that of the teacher
Kikuchi, which is located in Liberdade, são paulo), the nutritionist, always opt for dishes that contain vegetables in their composition.

“And also a little bit of fish, because I can’t eat the whole portion”. I believe she only ate Mcdonald’s a little before entering in the adolescence, but he was always very attentive to the way of food.

“My mother used to speak to her friends because she loved salad since I was a child”.

In his residence, there was not a menu very hard to be followed, do not oblige the children to follow the diet to lose belly of the patriarch. “It was brown rice and tofu for my dad and white rice, and chicken fillet for the people”.

Since very young, I loved eating fruits and vegetables and his father always reflected: “To eat much fruit so girl, this is not good”.

She did not know of the truth, as always the fruit was seen as a symbol of healthy life “Only when I started studying medicine ayurvedic I understood that my father was right.”

Things you should know about the fruit: the correct way to consume them is in their stations in the main the spring and the summer.

Especially if you are able to vata (or yin in chinese language) eating fruit in the cold season will only supplement the risk of catching a flu virus.

“To improve colds, is only cut the intake of fruit and milk”, it is recommended.

The nutritionist says don’t hate the Detox (“even though not perfect, helps to raise awareness to food” confirms), but if we can have a healthier diet it will not require a diet so radical, only by feeding a correct way you will already be if detoxifying day after day.

“The diet menu must be natural, the least processed possible.”

what you should do is not to mess too much with your metabolism, not the change of the way very rough and quick. “She says that all her patients eat very well”.

Yes, in your diet there are many villains such as dairy products, for people adept to the macrobiotic and vegans. “For those who do not have bounce, cheese and other dairy products are released in small portions two times per week.”

Today she works in her own private practice, but in other circumstances you can answer the call. Your customer service consists of a diagnosis of iris, questions aiurvédico and analysis of urine.

“Who is in harmony you can eat everything, but you must learn how to prepare, how much, when and how to eat,” he says.

One thing that draws a lot of attention is that the nutritionist does not preach the famous “rule” of eating 3 in 3 hours. “If you eat at intervals so short, your liver does not have time to pass by the Autodetox.

The first step to a life of cleaner is fast between the main meals and, thus, allow the body to complete the whole cycle about with calm, without being bothered with new foods”.

To achieve a healthier life there are 4 things irreplaceable in the menu of the nutritionist: meals are natural and healthy, Yoga, physical activities and breathing control.

“unless it is a medical recommendation, drink plenty of water the whole day is not good and in excess can worsen the fluid retention”, once again leaving us jaw drop with his methods revolutionary.

She says that in the same way that one should not eating when I felt hungry, this method applies to the consumption of water, only consume when you feel comfortable.

“Who has the constitution of dry can take two cups in the fast to help in the functioning of the intestine”, suggests.

His routine is to wake up at 8am, practice physical activities, breathing mainly and very relaxing with your Yoga. Before eating, consume a glass of any type of tea, “I Am passionate about farofa.

When I did a Spa at my parents ‘ house in the serra carioca, I did not want. When you come back, I have not eaten for three days, but then I could not resist and threw myself”.

To prepare a healthy food, it consumes very little of sunflower oil and cassava flour. “I leave to roast for half an hour, taste good crispy”. One of the restrictions of your diet to lose weight is the coolant or anything of the kind. “I’m disgusting,” he says.

She has no shame in saying that it was very difficult to get rid of the temptation of the chocolate, but thanks to the determination she managed.

For quick meals, suggests crackers, rice, or popcorn (with minimal salt and butter as possible). “Are great options for those who like to pinch”.

She admits that one of the barriers to having a healthy life is to convince people that the power is much more than just a taste pleasant.

“to Exchange a pleasure purely sensory, and the passenger as a hot dog for a plate of vegetables leaves you well for many hours, until your reasoning is going to work more clearly.

as for the hot dog only does it pollute. The majority of people have not yet realized this, but this is why I’m here.”

More than just beauty this fighting for a world with people more healthy!

His main ideas are:

– Consume the media of 8 glasses of water per day is actually harmful. So if you rehydrate when your body’s really asking for it;
– eat fruit only in the summer. In the coldest season of the year, avoid eating them to not run the risk of catching any flu virus;
– Who can eat foods derived from lactose, such as cheese and other feel free to get them in two days of the week;
– Without that rule only if you eat 3 in 3 hours;
– If you like to eat between meals, choose foods less calories like popcorn, cold salt and crackers rice.


A vitamin with banana, kale, and flaxseed.
Hit it all with a glass of water and ice

A spoon of rice and beans. Complete the dish with grilled vegetables and salad at will

afternoon Snack
Bread carrot without filling.
Place oregano for flavor special.
Or two of toast with pasta pesto and a piece of chocolate with 70% cocoa.

Pumpkin soup. Puree in a blender and add a little garlic and onion. Light the fire until forming a cream.

UPDATED: 05.06.17



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