Naturopath indicates dessert for those who suffer from diabetes

passion fruit is a fruit that is often used in treating problems like Parkinson’s, cancer, hyperactivity, nervosismos and anxiety. And it can also be an ingredient in a delicious dessert for those who suffer from diabetes.

The fruit has large amounts of antioxidants that, in addition to protecting the body against cancer and even help to slow down the process and aging of the cells and inflammations.

Rich in vitamin A, C and B complex, passion fruit helps protecting the immune system and increases the feeling of well-being in the body.

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People who suffer from high blood pressure can also add the passion fruit in the diet as a form of treatment. Because of the amount of sodium that fruit contains, it is able to balance the level of sodium present in the body, decreasing the risk of high blood pressure and problems such as heart attack or stroke.

Peel, passion fruit against diabetes

the shell of The passion fruit is a strong ally against diabetes. It is rich in pectin and other fibers, and when it is ingested, causes the glucose to be absorbed more slowly.

And the reduction of glucose in the blood is also great for anyone who suffers from anxiety issues. Sugars when they are released quickly into the body, form a peak glycemic which, first, cause pleasure, but after you spend a feeling of anxiety.

The delicious fruit can be consumed in natura in the form of juice, mousse, yogurt, and other desserts. Get to know the recipe of the sweet peel of passion fruit is made by fitoterapeuta naturopath, André Resende.

Sweet peel of passion fruit


-1 piece of bark of cinnamon;
-6 passion fruit washed and chopped (remove the pulp);
-1 cup american (200 ml) pulp of passion fruit, sieved and seedless;
-1 cup and a half of sugar demerara;
-2 glasses of water.

Mode of prepare

Take all of the ingredients to the blender and puree. Add the mixture in a saucepan and bring to the fire. Stir until you win the point of a sweet.