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Suffering from colds and congestion, but do not want to use chemical remedies unpleasant?

You can make your own decongestant natural in the home to help dilute the mucus and unblock your nose and chest.

it Will help open the air passages of the nose so you can breathe more easily.

it will Also help open the sinuses and reduce the inflammation of the nose.

This recipe for homemade decongestant natural is a mix-spicy anti-inflammatory, antioxidant that strengthens immunity with herbs properties decongestants homemade.

apple cider vinegar helps to thin the nasal mucus. The juice of lemon, packed with vitamin C, strengthens the immune system to fight the infection.

The honey has relaxing properties, and healing, and acts as a suppressant effective cough.

The recipe also contains herbs and spices such as ginger, pepper, saffron,and pepper, and cayenne pepper, which contains a compound called capsaicin that gives the pepper its fiery flavor.

The capsaicin helps stimulate secretions that, in turn, help in the drainage of the paranasal sinuses.

If you do not have cayenne pepper powder, you can use the powder of red pepper also contains capsaicin.

ginger is excellent at soothing for a sore throat and other symptoms of colds and flu.

It also helps to warm the body, improve circulation and break up congestion.

Turmeric contains compounds that help reduce inflammation and clear the airway.

The black pepper helps in loosening the phlegm and clears the stuffy nose.