Natural tranquilizer, to help relieve stress and anxiety

everyone should already have had a moment to feel a nervousness before some important event. Many times we even lose sleep because of so much anxiety.

Feel this type of thing, once in a life time, this is normal. The same problem is in those who live constantly with the feeling. People who end up having anxiety always present in the day-to-day have the quality of life changed.

anxiety can attack in several ways. It can appear in the forms of phobias, social anxiety, panic, sweating, tremors, muscular tension, increased secretions urinary and/or stool, headache, among others.

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Some foods are popularly known for their powers of soothing. The passion fruit has a composition of flavonoids, alkaloids, among other substances that act on the nervous system helping to relieve the symptoms of diseases such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Another product known in alternative medicine as an excellent natural tranquilizer is the chamomile tea. The herb helps in relieving stress and anxiety. It relaxes the nerves and in some cases, acts as a sedative and natural.

in Addition to the ingredients serve to calm the stress, they also have other nutrients that help maintain good health.

get to Know the recipe of the fluid natural, prepared by the fitoterapeuta naturopath, André Resende, done to relieve tension from anxiety and stress.

Fluid natural to relieve anxiety


-100 ml extract fluid passion flower (leaves, fruit);
-100 ml extract fluid hops;
-100 ml extract fluid, melissa;
-100 ml extract fluid of chamomile;
-mint Tea.

Mode of prepare

Mix all the extracts and set aside. Prepare the mint tea, and whenever you ingest, add a teaspoon of the mix. Look for drink the tea at least twice a day.