Natural blend promises to end the sickness in a few minutes

Travel, stress, anxiety, illnesses, pregnancy and many other things can end up causing nausea. Even though it often does not pass an evil to be temporary, the feeling of nausea is quite uncomfortable.

There are some natural ways to combat the symptoms of nausea and nausea. The ginger can be a strong natural ally to relieve these sensations. The root helps to combat problems that reaches the gastrointestinal system, improves digestion and combat the anxiety.

The mint is also used as an ingredient in this tea, as well as the ginger, to relieve the sensations of burning desire. Coconut water is another natural element rather indicated, especially for pregnant women who suffer constantly with the feeling.

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The fitoterapeuta naturopathic André Resende has developed a recipe that blends both ingredients. The drink is a great way to relieve the feelings of vomiting.


But if the symptoms persist, seek the assistance of a physician who can analyze in more detail if you don’t suffer from something more serious. In most cases, this type of malaise is related to problems of stomach, intestines, and neurological system. So the importance of searching for a medical evaluation.

Recipe natural for nausea and vomiting


-4 Slices of ginger;
-1 Handful mint, fresh;
-Half a liter of coconut water.

Mode of prepare

Beat all the ingredients together and sip slowly until the feeling of nausea to pass.