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Some of the best formulas to prevent a hangover is to prevent against it.

it Is important to eat well before drinking and, ideally, include some food with fat in the meal, because it will protect the liver this type of fat can be found in fish and extra virgin olive oil.

And what about the old advice of keeping yourself drunk to cure a hangover?

No point in searching, because there is no scientific basis for this claim type.

on the contrary, the ongoing consumption of alcohol only accumulates damage to the body, which are many.

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(VIDEO) Myths and the Truth About Hangover?


Consumers frequent drink may have your sexual performance impaired. Men who drink in addition to the account are more likely to have erectile dysfunction.

Drinking three drinks per day can lead to an increase in blood pressure, reducing the blood flow to the penis and decreasing the production of testosterone.

Doing exercises will cure the hangover? MYTH

playing sports when you’re hungover to leave your body even more dehydrated. The correct way is to take a break, and instead of sweat, to replace the water lost.

coffee to cure the hangover? MYTH

If you consume coffee regularly, when you’re hungover may not be a good idea to keep the habit.

caffeine can increase the symptoms of the hangover, since it narrows the blood vessels and increases blood pressure.

Do the Sauna after drinking hangover cure?MYTH

Think you can “sweat” the alcohol and other toxins consumed during a night of partying?

Think again. The sauna can leave the blood vessels, potentially dangerous, and change the flow of blood in the body.

Drink Water or Juice to help cut the hangover?The TRUTH

Take a break between rounds to drink water or juice. You will avoid – or at least slow down the dehydration. For those who prefer whiskey or vodka a good choice is to mix the dose with water or lots of ice.

Caipifrutas don’t leave drunk?The TRUTH

Here is a lighter choice for those who want to drink without suffering so much. In addition to moisturize, the fruit used in these drinks contain a natural sugar that helps to compensate for the glucose lost. But do not overdo it or you will get into trouble the same way.

Eat the sweet before drinking can prevent a hangover?MYTH

Your body undergoes a low in glucose levels when you exaggerate in alcohol. So the output is to devour candies and chocolates?

The candy does not prevent the hangover. Even so they can balance a bit the amount of sugar in the blood,” she says.

Tea Drowns Hangover – recipe of natural fruit juice and detox


1 slice of melon
300 ml water-coconut
2 kiwis
4 mint leaves


Beat the melon, the water and the kiwi in a blender. Add the mint leaves and drink at will.


Melon and kiwi

they Are fruits that have a low acidity, so they will not harm the stomach, which will already be irritated by the alcohol. Also help to offset the glucose lost by the body.


in Addition to refreshing, it has the power diuretic. “In the period of hangover beer the body shall retain fluids. The mint is recommended to reverse this effect


it Is one of the best alternatives in combating a hangover. Resets the salt mining and the sugar lost and still hydrate the body.

Recipe from nutritionist Vanessa Schmidt

what You can Do to Reduce the Hangover

Drinking the juice of fruit

fruit Juice contains fructose, some form of sugar that helps the body burn alcohol faster.

A large glass of orange juice or tomato juice will help the body that alcohol is the next day still in your body, the more quickly.

Take a painkiller

The hangover is inevitably accompanied by pain of the head.

You can take aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen, but certainly there is no resource more strong.

the Most powerful pain killers to keep a risk of addiction.

it Seems that it is not intended that the remedy is worse than the disease.

Drinking the juice

the Broth made out of bouillon cubes, but also any other soup, clear, made in-house, if necessary, help the stock salt and potassium supplement that lose your body when you drink it.

Fill the water supply to the

Alcohol causes dehydration of the cells of the body.

Drink plenty of water before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning, can help reduce the discomfort caused by dehydration.

Take vitamin B

Drinking robs the body of valuable vitamin b. research shows that your body to use vitamin B when under stress.

And overload the body with too much liquor, beer or wine, can certainly be referred to as stress.

The stock to replenish with a complex of vitamin-B capsule, you can shorten the duration of a hangover.

Eat amino acids

amino acids are the building blocks of protein (protein).

As the vitamins and minerals you can this race to the bottom by the consumption of alcohol.

Complementing these actions, the amino acids help the damage caused by a hangover is done.

To restore the amino acids in the bloodstream, you can eat a small amount of protein.

amino acids are also available in capsules.

prevention Is better than cure

There is evidence that the primary cause of a withdrawal acute withdrawal from alcohol.

The cells of the brain undergo physical changes in response to the presence of alcohol.

When the alcohol is gone once your body has this is burned, you may experience withdrawal symptoms for the cells of the brain are used to this without alcohol.

combine that with the effects that alcohol has on the blood vessels in the head and you reach a day in which you prefer to forget as quickly as possible.


The slower you drink, the less alcohol reaches your brain, even if you drink around in the evening as you may very.

The reason for this is actually very easy.

The body burns the alcohol with a fixed speed (about 30 ml / h), this is about a glass of beer.

The more time you give your body the alcohol to burn off, the less there is in the blood and the brain.

Drinking on a full stomach

That is, except less you drink, the best thing you can do with a hangover much less.

The food slows down the absorption of alcohol, and more slow the body this absorbs, the less that exists in the brain.

Choose the right drink

what you drink can play an important role in how your head the next day.

The mixture less dangerous is the vodka.

The most dangerous are cognac, brandy, whiskey and all types of champagne.

Also the red wine is bad, but for other reasons.

red Wine contains tyramine, histamine, as woven to a headache.

Avoid carbonated drinks

And here is not just champagne.

All of the gas bubbles (rum-cola is just as bad as champagne) is the most dangerous.

The call will make the drink much more quickly in the blood stream.

The liver tries to keep up with the pace, but cannot there is not, so that the alcohol in the blood.

Drink two cups of coffee

Drinking coffee, sometimes, the dilation of the blood vessels that you provide, reduces headaches.

Some cups can relieve the headache in a hangover heavily.

But do not drink too much.

Not intended for that even more shaken by the tea that you already know by the alcohol.

Eating good food

If you can bear to, at least.

A meal balanced compensates for the loss of essential nutrients.

to Keep things light.

go hiking

it Will be difficult with a heavy head and eyes that bad light procrastina, but a walk in the fresh air can be quite enlightening.

Let the time heal the wound

The best way is, of course, just be patient, and 24 hours does not already have after his hangover.


according To a new study, asparagus contain substances that help to reverse the negative effects of alcohol in human cells.

Unfortunately asparagus afternoon are more potent in this respect that the root of asparagus is what we eat, or is, would be in an extract or infusion of the leaves of asparagus are more effective, but can help you to quickly remove a delicious salad of asparagus.

Infusions of figs

The extracts of figs of India may, however, apparently avoiding hangovers-related nausea and dry mouth, according to a study done, to get her to drink.


The key to help combat the food hangover is a good sandwich of bacon and an orange juice.

you Can seem to stop the amino acids of bacon acids strangers in hangovers combat.

orange Juice

Some studies say that vitamin C helps fight the side effects of alcohol.

it would Also help a couple of fried eggs, since some studies show that cysteine, found a compound in eggs, can help counteract the aldehyde, one of the chemicals that accumulate in your body if you drink too much.


In one study, drinkers who Piritinol, a form of vitamin B6, less of a hangover at a party the next day than those who did not take the vitamin.

Chickpea is an excellent source of vitamin B6, hummus for a snack while drinking to ward off the hangover in advance.

B1 may also have a protective effect and are abundant in the faucet.


To perform this study, the authors tested eight products, supported by two scientific reports, which are supposed to cure a hangover, such as glucose or dietary supplements such as artichoke extract or yeast.

There are a lot of tablets at the base of plants that are made to get some good artichokes in the undertow.

UPDATED: 01.06.17



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