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there are numerous tips to grow hair faster in women we decided to prepare an article for the public to male, we know that it is often difficult find tips for helping your men when the subject is hair growth faster.

we Separated some tips to stimulate the growth of male hair.

The majority of men tend to neglect tips for hair this because most of the times it is very easy to do the maintenance of male hair.

More attention, if you want to have the healthy hair growth, is yes I need to follow some tips that will make all the difference between having a healthy hair and a hair full of problems even though it is easy to do your maintenance.

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Men with long hair:

In case you have dry hair, wash once or twice a week to remove buildup of dirt normal, the dead skin and oils on the scalp.

in The same way, the individuals who have thick strands and curly do not need to apply shampoo in your hair more than once per week.

however, men with oily hair should wash your hair more often, even more than two times in a week to eliminate the excess and accumulation of oil.

Choose shampoo and conditioners according to your hair type, ie, dry hair, normal hair or oily hair, do not skip this step will make all the difference and you noticed that your wires will have more vitality and glow at the end of each wash.

For example, if you have dry hair, you should use shampoo specially formulated for dry hair because they add proper moisture to the hair and scalp.

For oily hair, on the other hand, you must have a maintenance increased to remove the excess oil that gets on the wires and scalp. If you use the shampoo or conditioner wrong you can cause dryness in excess.

Opt for good shampoos and soothing quality that helps to nourish the hair is important in this case “cheap” can get expensive. In addition, you can use moisturizer or conditioners leave-in , depending on the state of your hair.

Do this massage on the scalp is one of the natural ways more effective to encourage the hair growth home, in the case of men or women the made is virtually the same.

So, massage the scalp, rubbing the fingers over the scalp in circular motions for about 2-3 minutes per day.

Additionally, use the product with natural oils therapeutic, can help some people make application warming a few seconds in the microwave is enough, you can also use olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, etc., for at least 20-30 minutes, once per week for this stimulates the hair follicles and helps in growing new hair faster.

in addition, practicing regular physical exercise increase metabolism and improve circulation that helps the growth of healthy hair.

Tips for hair growth for men:

– do Not use hot water to wash your hair, because that causes more harm than good to the wires. For this, use warm or cold water to wash hair is the tip that makes a difference yes at the time of the home-hair-male or female.
– The cold water also helps to maintain the shine in the hair. In addition, when planning to grow your hair, make sure to eliminate hair problems like itchy scalp and dandruff.
– to Include in their daily diet foods rich in proteins, milk, eggs, green leafy vegetables and vegetables in your diet will make your hair grow stronger, that he had left it less prone to breakage.

in addition, as food plays an important role in the promotion and hair re-growth fast-paced, eat a meal healthy, with an emphasis on the inclusion of foods rich in vitamins hair vital, especially B vitamins, may help a lot to decrease the fall, and loses brightness of the wires.
– in Case you are suffering deficiencies of vitamins, then also you can take nutritional supplements, such as pills of biotin and multivitamins, more before you see a doctor.
-Avoid wearing hats or Caps tightened, they tend to cause damage to the cuticles of the hair and stimulate the hair fall.

– If you have long hair, you can make ponytails, loose and comfortable, that would not pull the hair.
– To sleep, use pillow cases made of satin or silk rather of the traditional cotton to prevent the damage caused to the hair due to friction. Since men are more susceptible to hair loss, taking this preventative measure can prevent the loss of many threads, that’s before you even wake up.
-Minimize the use of heating equipment the hair and continued use of the gel as it contain chemicals. In addition, stay away from shampoos that contain sodium sulfate.
-For those who like to keep the hair short and the tip is cut every 6 weeks at the maximum this avoids split ends, because short hair is not possible to repair split ends. You can only take measures to reduce the hair damage and prevent any split ends.
-Also, have in mind that different types of people have different rates of hair growth faster naturally, mainly depending on genetic factors. Therefore, have patience.
-Another valuable tip for men is to not comb your hair when it is still wet because the wires wet hair tend to break easily.
-In addition, when you dry the hair, do not rub the skin vigorously with a towel, the hair strands can become caught in the yarn of the towel. Instead, just dry your hair with calm, without hurry.
-With your hair completely dry are difficult to comb, comb your hair when they are slightly damp. Preferably use a toothed comb for this purpose. In addition, it is also not recommended the extensive use of hair dryers.

Tips for the Care of Male Hair

Who said that women are more conceited than men, are stuck in the last century.

Men are just as vain as women. Particularly, this new awareness of the aesthetic manifests itself in men.

Although a hair cut, decent is the basis for an attractive appearance. High quality product of hair care is a must.

Therefore, here the main types of hair care and tips:

1. Oily hair

Stay away from home remedies! For hair slightly greasy just only one solution: wash the hair daily.

You need is a mild shampoo that you can use all day, without irritating the scalp. If you use shampoos with a neutral pH and that contain caffeine, because it stimulates the hair roots.

2. Dandruff

They ruin any dark clothing. The majority of the cases: the genes are to blame. But with a little care, the scalp is improving rapidly. Use a good anti-dandruff shampoo to prevent the formation of dandruff.

3. Hair loss

it Is the worst nightmare of every man. The hair becomes scarce.

The shampoo from Kérastase slow down the hands of the clock life. The tonic should be distributed daily to the scalp and massaged for 1 minute.

4. Gel

The gel B power play for men hydrates the hair and leaves no residue.

10 Tips to Care for Hair Male

If you are bald, short hair or long, even men should consider the following tips to ensure the maintenance of the hair.

1. The washing of the hair

it Is important to ensure that, especially a mild shampoo should be used. The overload can lead to an imbalance of the scalps by the frequent use of shampoo.

2. Oily hair

If your hair tends to be rinsed several times, then a mild shampoo should be used in this case.

Many times, the use of a shampoo that is more gentle alone controls a little to the scalp.

3. Additional care

Even the men with short hair need additional care. Therefore, it should be at least 1-2 times per month to make a treatment periodically, and also use a conditioner in the wash.

4. Grey hair

Who has hair hair, a shampoo of silver to the wash ensures a great look. The reason: This prevents the tone of yellow in gray hair.

5. The hair products

Especially the gel is very popular for many men. Do not adhere permanently to the hair, but for the whole denomination wastes are removed, it is advisable to brush your hair completely before washing.

So you can easily remove the residues of the gel and ensure the balance during the wash.

6. Care in winter

Even someone who is bald, the head must stay still. Therefore, it is important to treat in the winter with a cream rich in oil, for prevent the skin to dry by the cold temperatures.

7. Care in the summer

In the summer, however, is just more susceptible to sunburn. For this reason, one must not only put on a sunscreen, but also put on a hat.

8. Careful with the heat

But it is not just the sun that strikes the head. Water that is too warm in the washing dries your hair and leaves the scalp dry, which often can result in dandruff. So use only warm water.

9. The style of life

in Addition to the care tips that you should also pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. For a balanced diet, not smoking and little alcohol, provide the ideal conditions for healthy hair.

10. Products

Some products are specially tailored to the needs of men and in addition to the care of the hair of the men, convincing by the fragrance.

UPDATED: 06.06.17



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