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they Say that the eyes are the window to the soul.

More for some women with small eyes can be a problem even more so if you want an eye most prominent, but there are ways to resolve the problem.

The techniques makeup adequate can you help her to have beautiful eyes and large.

applying makeup on small eyes, it is important to note a few special tips, some common mistakes can make small eyes appear even smaller.

since the size of the eyes will not increase, use some makeup tricks is a great solution.

it Is important that you know that there are two ways to do makeup on small eyes.

The first way is to make the eyes appear bigger, the other way is not to give importance to the size of the eye, only to emphasize and highlight the beauty of your eyes.

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See below for how to apply makeup on small eyes to make them look great!

1 – First see if your eyebrows this is perfect if you are not certinha take the wires bad. The line of the eyebrow should be arched and carefully maintain the clarity of the form.

One thing that you need to know is that an eyebrow strong, well made affects and defines the size of your eyes even without makeup will make the eyes appear larger.

2 – then wipe your eyes, do not forget that the makeup fixed best if the pores are open it is possible to doing her makeup after washing the face with lukewarm water.

After you pass a prime or as many say the fastener to the shade of preference to the white, because it will highlight more the colors that you choose for your makeup.

After the case need to use a concealer to cover any imperfection that you do not like.


do Not forget the golden rule of makeup: light colors visually so much more life and strengthen the eyes, dark colors reduce.

3 – The next step is to choose the color of your eyeliner. Choose a color that will bring more joy and colour to your eyes.

A tip is to use chocolate Brown for blue eyes, plum for green eyes black or blue for brown eyes, pink and purple shadows for the eyes color of hazel.

4 – To apply the eyeliner, start at the inner corner of your eyes, and go uphill towards the outer corner, using short strokes to avoid a solid line, and thick.

5 – Using a modeler lashes, roll your lashes before you start applying the mascara. Then, with the wand the mascara, start at the base of the lashes making moves from one side to the other moving lightly to the ends.

Curl your eyelashes is a secret weapon in the fight against the small.


to Avoid making mistakes in the time of “H” do not apply mascara before using the curler from the lashes.

6 – Start applying the mascara on the lashes, always remember: Less is more! Rotate the wand of the mascara to the vertical position and pass over the lashes.

The trick to avoid the lashes clumps is to apply to second-hand before after the first hand dry completely. In this way, there are no agglomerations or had formed scales on the eyelashes.


Always use mascara. They tend “open” the eyes. Mascara is essential for a broader look eye special attention to the outer edges to bring out the entire length and to draw attention to this area.

If you want you can add an extra layer of mascara for an extra touch of color will indicate blue it looks good on almost all skin tones.



  • If your eyebrow is too thin or light, you can fill it with a shadow matte a little bit darker than your hair color. You may not have a large eye without an eyebrow strong;
  • the

  • For an evening look, apply a deep shadow on your upper eyelids, or a little bit above your eyelids;
  • the

  • If you have dark circles, cover them with a concealer pinkish this color never fails;
  • the

  • to Use liquid eyeliner will shows eyes wider than normal.

Eye Makeup

The first way.

to date, the most sophisticated and the most common way for the eye makeup should be increased to the lining of the lower eyelid with a white line at the base.

The essence of this method is that with the eye pencil white visually expanded and, sometimes, increases in size.

Alternate white eyeliner to use shadow and, especially, pearly.

the Technique of application is relatively simple and does not require any.

Incidentally, it is worth to mention that the face, which is so necessary during sleep, or extreme fatigue, can be clearly to upgrade with such a constitution.

The second possibility.

The second most popular, but no less effective is the following increases the composition of the eye: the inner corner of the eye stain the dark is applied, that the eye is not only expressive, but also optically, however, increases the so-called “dark”.

Note “it should be carefully protected, or do only aggravate the situation.

The next step is to cast a shadow of light shades on the eyelid mobile.

Can be of any color of light, ideal for Iris, and emphasizing its full depth and green eyes, perfect pair purple with them, bronze, gold, and color cal.

And like the blue much better is gray look at pink, purple, shadow, silver.

At the end of the composition on the side of the line will be emphasized eyebrows to make it more easy and, of course, the application of the mascara.

Many girls are deeply wrong to think that the layer of mascara.

it is Not so, and in some cases, it seems very airy lashes look more beautiful and more sexy men say.

The third way.

This method is based on the increase in the occurrence of eyes with a kind of “bleached” based in the inner corner, which is the opposite of the composition described above.

As you can see, almost all the tricks are using bright colors, which is very surprising.

other women, the old tried to the eye by means of the resources available for the method.

Allows you to open your eyes visually, and a little bit in order to pull away from one another.

Obviously, as a makeup for young eyes is not for all individuals, but as a “lupa” all the way.

If you have already planted away from the eyes, it is best to this constitution of the inner corner of the eye and with a white shadow or pencil.

white Dots in the field, they are carefully protected.

Method fourth.

A variant of this type of elements is infinite and, therefore, every thing of the eye so that there is.

This even more with the arrow keys on the keyboard, you can either increase your eyes and, thus, reduce the round and tight.

For small eyes make-up experts recommend arrow continuous, narrow at the beginning and in the end, expanding the “tail”, which should be short and straight to the top.

Procedures in the fifth.

This method is a success, at least to make the eyes larger.

the Vector containing the process of the exercises may in a search engine can be found without the special, you can get results at home, and do simple exercise.

The responses of women who experienced this technique by itself, they have incredible results eyes were large, the eyelids dressed, and there is a total lack.

This method is much more effective than makeup for small eyes video and photography festival.

So, to take advantage of the large beautiful eyes.

Only choose the right technology makeup by using the tips above and make a great effort.


Only is enough to make your eyes look bigger, if you use it with the correct technique.

All you need is an eyeliner – pencil, liquid or gel, depending on what you’re more comfortable with.

Before I start with the tutorial, I would like to tell you that the basic trick is to apply a thin line in the inner corners and thicker to provide in the outer corners.

This makes the eyes look bigger than they really are.

Start the eyes hydrated and eyebrows well-groomed.

You can use a concealer or compact to hide your dark circles.

Apply a primer to the eye.

This is an optional step.

you Prefer the application, because I have lids oily and this increases the longevity of the eyeliner and prevent wrinkles early.

Mix on the launcher, beautiful.

This Academy is primer eye makeup special it looks almost transparent after the mixture

Do you want the eyeliner and create a harsh line thickness.

Take to fill the same brush eyeliner finthe tip of the space that you created.

do Not take a brush of thickness, because I can be very precise and thin at the inside corners either.

Now, see in the step above, you can see that the outer corner is not so thick, in comparison with the inner corner.

In fact, it is rather an arching line that we have formed.

So, a brush, eyeliner thick and increase the thickness of the eyeliner in the outer corner of the thin brush here uses the brush lip liner.

to Use it, eyeliner for small eyes to the application.

The brush is thicker than I have used here is of Faces

Keep the same brush, apply the eyeliner to the inner lower lash line, from the liner ends on the outer end of the line of the upper lashes, a “V”.

Type to form so you do not have the lining in the line of the upper lashes to extend, because we don’t want a have to see dramatic of the eye;

Be only one row in the lower part of a default “V” learner.

Follow the same line of eyeliner, considering that you do not need to thicken the inner corner of the eye.

If you notice, I have almost bare held the area duct lacrimal duct.

have Not been extended to the lower lash line, because it seems too dramatic, in this case for me.

The gel used a pencil eyeliner for this step, as I am more comfortable with it.

Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara.

You can clearly see how big and deep into my eyes look with liner simple eye only used.

UPDATED: 02.06.17



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