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An alluring look, it is absolutely impossible without eyelashes beautiful and well taken care of.

But if the nature endowed you with lashes naturally long and thick, and the idea of having the false eyelash not thou seduced, don’t give up, because we know how to help you.

For you who want to get a Striking look, or Seductive, we have prepared a Tutorial on makeup step by step for you not to err.

Are simple tips Makeup that you make yourself in minutes.



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(VIDEO) Makeup Every day Is Bad? Take Your Doubts

make sure you learn our tips on how to have the proper care with your lashes.

1. what should you do if the lashes are getting thin, breaking or falling out?

In the first time discover the real causes, such as: do you know the reasons that may be quite diverse, between the inadequate care with your eyelashes?

The use of makeup products bad, as well as the problem with your lashes may be the cause, or even some kind of disease.

The last point certainly requires the consultation of the doctor, but if it is caused by inadequate care, then our top tips on how to take care of the lashes, without a doubt, they will help you.

2. The nutrition of the eyelashes is an integral part of the care of your lashes. The best remedies to nourish lashes are various vegetable oils and essential, such as: olive oil, almonds, and coconut oil burdock.

in addition, if you mix essential oils with vitamin A and e, with solutions to apply in the eyelashes, you will strengthen them also. The best way to apply the mixtures is to use the brush mascara clean.

Apply daily, and the reward turns with the time.

3. lovely Eyelashes are impossible with dark circles under the eyes horrific. Facial mask made of thin slices of cucumber or raw potato, as well as tea or compresses of herbs will help you to get rid of this annoying situation.

4. Certainly, it is absolutely useless to talk about care with eyelashes and does not tell anything about the mascara that’s right for you.

it Is better to opt for mascara set for sensitive eyes if you suffer from redness and constant irritation. And also try to change your mascara every three months.

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid


The error that it can’t do:

If you want a makeup day face impeccable the thing that you have to pay attention to is mainly the eyebrows.

it is good to be very defined, above the line of the hair close to the nose, because it will give him a hard look, and not very natural.

The solution:

The stitching should be smooth, in fact, in order to soften the appearance and give an expression more relaxed.

Better to treat the arc, that rather should be well defined and cleaned all hair out of place.


They often attempt to correct or even change your way of eyes that make a composition of the face-the-day with the eyes and pencil eyeliner here is that for the eyes, spring lines are very strong and characterized, which make his eyes very heavy.

The solution:

however, you should always prefer muted colors and very soft.

The important thing is to stick with the eye shadow, always well-attached along the lash line, top and bottom, and make sure that the colors you choose to use is based on well between them.


the Same face contour with a contour very dark or distorted in the right way can be a big error to make for a day of makeup face.

You always have to remember, in fact, that the light of the day always brings to the fore all the faults.

The solution:

however, you can get a good even for a day contour facial make-up.

Just use a land a little darker than your complexion that is absolutely opaque.

Those nacarados also, in fact, are not suitable for this purpose.

to Apply you are under the cheekbones and under the chin to define the features and a double chin and mitigate any failure or tissue.


in This case, the errors for infusion pumps have more than one.

It was indeed well that the blush is not put in excessive amounts, is applied in the area of the law and, especially, that it is well to shade your face.

The solution:

You can resolve this by using little product each time.

This will not only get a nuance better, but you can stop when you have the intensity of the right color, without exaggeration.

A good method may be to put the makeup in the light of the sun, but never in direct sunlight, in order to obtain a composition of the face for the perfect day.

The trick, as many of you know, is a powerful weapon of seduction and every woman who loves her body and tends to improve it in the best way.

Is a meeting gallant, a job interview or a single output with friends that you always want to be perfect and appear in order.

For once, leave aside the tricks exaggerated, dedicated to nights important or when you have more daring.

Now, let’s think of a simple makeup day, to look beautiful and tidy, a beauty groomed and discreet.

This is a trick a very practical and easy, especially designed for women who work, and in the morning, between one thing and another, they can not devote much time to its care.

The products that will be used will not be many more, even better, especially at the base of the face, instead of the eyes and lips.

Make sure you have on hand:


  • Tonic
  • the

  • face Cream moisturizer
  • the

  • BB Cream
  • the

  • Powder
  • the

  • Flushing
  • the

  • Shader white or beige
  • the

  • Mascara
  • the

  • Lipstick

To begin with need to clean your face thoroughly, then after washing with neutral soap and, specifically, for the face, apply a revitalizing and tonic’s refreshing to give that feeling of relaxation to the face.

Spread the tonic with a cotton pad and when dry apply the cream to the face daily and wait for it to dry well.

once completely dry, the skin can stretch a BB cream, but if you have the perfect skin that does not require an opacity greater.

Spread it gently and evenly all over the face.

Now is the time to fix, that have the function of correct and shed light on grey areas that are usually found on the lip, the sides of the nose and the inner corner of the eye.

Also apply a eyebrow arch a little to give more brightness and open eyes.

If necessary, small pimples and also cover imperfections.

The face basic is almost full, if deemed appropriate, fixed with a powder, and pass the flush on her cheeks.

Now, let’s finish the eye makeup, very simply cast an eye shadow for clear and opaque, like a white or beige.

Applied on the entire eyelid, and finished off with plenty of black mascara on the upper lashes is that the lower.

The trick is over, now you decide if you want to wager in a beautiful lipstick or a simple gloss.

UPDATED: 01.06.17



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