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Makeup for Party

Every weekend the same question: What Makeup for Party use?

To help you to rock in the next ballad, we have made a step by step tutorial, filled with exclusive tips, of how to make that make them awesome.

If makeup is an art and every woman knows this, why women take so seriously to the makeup.

however, in addition to learning to put on makeup, it is also necessary to learn the different types of makeup for a party-simple for every occasion.

A makeup for party step by step may be more charged, have more authenticity and still not be vulgar or exaggerated.

The dosage is in the balance.

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>> Check now our Tutorial of Makeup to the Festival and highlight its Beauty.

Makeup Tutorial for Party step by Step

1- Clean your face with a moisturizer or astringent. Let your skin completely dry and free of dirt or oil. This helps to stop the makeup with a finish better.

2- Swipe a primer across the skin, making always the same sense of the face. If you started to move the primer in one direction, continue in the same so that it is not bulleted.

The primer will disguise the open pores and give a better fixing for your makeup passes by-step, ensuring that it stays intact the whole cocktail party.

3- Choose a base of your choice and in regular intervals the skin with it. You can spread the base with a brush due fiber, that is, the one brush that has two types of by and helps to leave a finish as well light.

Another option is to spread it with his own fingers. In this case, the finish will be heavier, which is not bad, if you like.

4- Pass the concealer on dark circles and blemishes on the skin. The concealer will leave your skin without any blemish, as well as the skin of the models from the cover of magazines.

5- With a brush, dab a small amount of powder on the face. The powder serves to not let the excess shine in the skin and to finalize the finish of the skin. The powder should be passed mainly on the T-zone of the face.

6- Apply primer to the eyes, or the shadow, on the eyelid mobile. Beyond fixing the shadow, the primer in this region will help highlight the color.

7- Light the eyelid mobile with a shadow pearl. Start from the inner corner and go by pulling up the outer corner.

8- With a brush for smudge, esfume the outer corner of the eyelid movable with a shadow color purple. You can focus the greatest amount of shadow on the outer corner of the eyes, pulling to the inside. Esfume until it becomes a natural gradient color.

9- In the inner part of the eyelid, apply a shadow color of scorched earth, or orange.

10- Pass the gel eyeliner making a outlined straight and thin from the inner corner to the outer of the eyes.

11- Light up the inner corner of the eyes with a shadow, clear. Use a thin brush and beveled to illuminate.

12- With the same brush, take a small amount of purple eyeshadow, the same one that you used to smudge the eyes, and make a outlined below-the-line d the water, as close to the lower lashes. Esfume with a brush of the smudge clean to that it is not so marked.

13- Pass a black pencil inside of the line d ‘ water of the eyes.

14- Apply the mask of eyelashes. Pass several layers until the lashes are in evidence. The eyelashes of the top should always be more in evidence than the lower.

Ready! Your make-up Party the night this prosíssima and you can already raze in the ballad.

With a makeup beautiful and well produced, you are even more beautiful and can best highlight your positive points.

UPDATED: 02.06.17



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