Mother Earth, Mother Earth – I Without Borders

In tribute to the mothers, the one that gives us life on earth and to the one who gives us the earth, to take away our livelihood, I would like to offer these paragraphs full of sensitivity and reflection. It is a text taken from the collection ‘the Values Alimentare’ – Gravidanza and Alimentazione di Matteo Giannattasio, translated by me.

in It the author makes an invitation to the reflection about the importance of MOTHERS and on the weight of the current times on them, which is no change for the noble effort and continuing professional aware of and committed to the victory of love.


nature calls the EARTH and each MOTHER to work together to populate and maintain life on this planet. A gives food to all living beings – including humans – the other ensures the evolution of the species, by designing and nurturing the offspring with your blood during pregnancy and your milk in the first months of life.

To the company should suffice for this simple consideration for nurturing by both, the EARTH and MOTHER, a deep sense of devotion and respect. Instead, industrialization, consumerism and a good dose of incivilities, are doing the EARTH and MOTHER increasingly suffered. A is polluted by agriculture exploitation, which would be more appropriate to call it “agritortura”. The other is always at risk of ingesting poison, when you consume food escarça quality that this “agritortura” produces and is emotionally disoriented by the ‘scientific culture’ that presents to her the birth (birth), not as a natural event – that is – but as a disorder that requires ongoing medical care.

therefore, the EARTH and MOTHER are always more exhausted in the attempt to fulfil their roles. The first is losing its natural fertility, and therefore, in order to produce, you need more and more treatments artificial fertilizers. The second, the victim of a market that has created a kind of ‘industrialisation of birth’, if you ever feel more inadequate at performing the role he should be great and enjoyable. The anxiety and uncertainty that plagues the Mother can unbalance the relationship pre-christmas between mother and child, which is a source of precious spiritual food which the baby needs: the maternal love.

Return the LAND to its natural fertility, cultivating with respect and put the MOTHER in ideal condition for the nurture of the truth the soul and body of the son that lives in your belly, are the indispensable conditions to ensure mankind a future of well-being and not violence. To the side of the MOTHERS and of the MOTHER NATURE, are farmers organic and bio-dynamic produce, who cultivate the fields with respect, and some of the doctors that unfold so that it is guaranteed to the MOTHER of your respectable role in the management of the birth of his son.

we Need more doctors and farmers motivated by noble principles, but we should not despair: the just causes are destined to win sooner or later!

And it would be a big problem if it were not so.