Let your pearly whites using this recipe natural

coffee Consumption, cigarette, soda, acai berries, tea, foods which are too acidic, lack of oral hygiene, and many other components are some of the situations that favor the appearance of stains on your teeth.

Many people, especially famous ones, have resorted to the use of clareamentos dental done in doctors ‘ surgeries in order to remove the stains of the teeth. But the process, in addition to leave your teeth more sensitive, does not have a cost accessible to all audiences.

The Youtuber Elda Wichmann gives some tips in your channel, how to whiten teeth with a home treatment and natural which will cost a maximum of$ 10.00. The recipe is made with a blend of ingredients such as baking powder, banana peel and lemon.

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Although the recipe is natural and something can be done at home, do not leave to consult a dentist to assess any abnormality in your teeth.

Recipe of natural to whiten teeth


-2 teaspoons of baking soda or baking powder;
-Peel a banana;
-Half a lemon.

Mode of prepare

Put the baking soda or baking in a glass container. Squeeze half of the lemon and mix both ingredients until smooth. Then, remove the white part that sits on the peel of the banana and add it to the mix. Stir a little more and with a cotton swab or cotton go by applying in your teeth.

Let the product act for a maximum of one minute. Be careful for the time does not exceed the limit, because the enamel of your tooth may be adversely affected. Repeat the process three times per week, if necessary. After application, brush your teeth normally.