Lemon and baking soda will make you more beautiful. Learn why

baking soda is an ingredient in almost all recipes that promise some kind of “miracle”, mainly related to beauty. Mix the powder with half a lemon will bring amazing results.

The product is known in the natural recipes as one of the best types of exfoliants that are there. The process helps to remove the dead skin, leaving it soft, removing stains and stimulating the production of new cells with more collagen and hydration.

The second ingredient in this miracle exfoliating is another item natural: the lemon. But it is important to do the procedure only at night and avoid going out in the sun with remnants of the fruit on the skin, which may cause dark spots.

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The use of sodium bicarbonate in the skin also helps eliminate pimples and blackheads and reduce oiliness of the dermis.

Benefits of lemon on skin

The lemon is also a homeopathic product that, knowing how to use properly, brings benefits to the skin. One of them is your power to be a natural whitener stains.

The mixture made with lemon and bicarbonate can also be applied on your underarms, which will eliminate the bad smell of the region and still leave with a more clear, since the mixture helps eliminate the bacteria that cause the odor.

in Addition to lighten spots on the face and the armpit, the use of lemon can also lighten areas such as the elbow and knee.

homemade Recipe of baking soda with lemon

The Youtube channel Tips Homemade Easy, it indicates you mix the juice of half a lemon with a spoon (soup) of baking soda. To mix the ingredients, you prefer to make use of a glass bowl.

Wash your face and then apply the mixture, rubbing lightly and in a circular motion. Let the product act for about ten minutes.

time after time After time, wash your face with cold water (make sure that the product went out completely), and then apply a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type.