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The correct form of how to pick watermelon at the time of purchase

The correct form of how to pick watermelon at the time of purchase

have You ever stopped to think that as difficult as it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, is able to correctly select the food on the menu? When it comes to industrialized food, they come already ready to be consumed, but fruits and vegetables have a life cycle and maturation.

Fortunately, there are a number of details that can be observed in this type of product to know when it is ready for consumption or even to know how is the taste of the fruit or vegetable.

The banana is perhaps the best example of this, since you just look at their color to know when it is good for consumption. If green, it is not yet ripe; if brown, it has already passed the point of maturity.

Choose watermelon can be tricky. Surrounded by a thick husk, it can be a mystery to some to find out if the watermelon is sweet or watery; ripe or green. But there are a lot of details in the fruit which will indicate what your taste.

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Check out some of their benefits and how to choose watermelon the right way at the time of purchase:

Some benefits of this fruit

Of African origin, watermelon is mostly known for its large amount of water (about 90% of the fruit), and its large deficit caloric, since 100 grams of its pulp has only 35 calories. Thanks to these two attributes, the watermelon is always on the menu of those who are seeking to lose weight or to do a dietary re-education.

in addition, it can also be beneficial in the prevention and combating of kidney diseases, gastrointestinal related to blood pressure and even cancer. For more details about the watermelon, we have a post dedicated to its properties and benefits.

How to choose a watermelon when you buy

1. Mancha amarela

No, watermelon is completely green. To come plant creeping, the fruit is always in contact with the floor and this area ends up with a large stain, that does not in any way prejudge the taste of her.

When the watermelon is ripe, the color of the stain varies between a yellow or a color next to orange. If the stain is white or even if it is non-existent, the fruit was harvested very early and is not very tasty.

2. Formato

Although it does not mean that the taste is not good, the format can make all the difference according to the personal preferences of each one. Calls “male”, the watermelons more elongated taste more watery, while the “female”, which are the fruit more round, has a flavor more concentrated and sweet.

3. Cabo

another way to make sure that the fruit is ripe is to look at as it is the rod that connected the plant. If it is dry means is that it is good enough for consumption. Avoid buying watermelons with green stems.

4. “Estrias”

have you noticed that some of the watermelons have marks on their shells that resemble stretch marks or wounds? It is a great sign. Indicates that the bees had contact with her and that this fruit is very sweet.