Learn how to make 4 healthy recipes using loaf of bread

With the trials and tribulations of daily living, work commitments and family time that is left to worry about the preparation of meals is almost non-existent. In addition to time, another factor that interferes in this regard is the ability.

For these reasons, unhealthy food can end up taking care of the day-to-day, compromising the health and nutrition of the people.

To prevent this scenario repeats day after day, strategies as planning and providing practical products, tasty, and beneficial help in a commitment to maintain a balanced diet. Does not need to be an expert in cooking or nutrition, and overcomplicate the choices and recipes. With a few key foods it is possible to improve the quality of the meal.

photo: Pixabay


Brazil is one of The countries in which less people take the time to activity cuisine. At least this is what was observed by the global research of GfK, published in the year of 2015. Brazilians invest on average 5.2 hours weekly to the task of cooking. This means a little more than 40 minutes per day. In addition, the same survey showed that only 25% claim to have knowledge of and experience with food.

Solutions for eating well in a short time

The loaf of bread, traditional or integral, can be a great ally in this challenge. Source of carbohydrate, it provides energy for daily activities like study, work, or exercise.

In the full version, which preserves the fibers of cereals, in addition to vitamins and minerals that are present in the grain. Positive point for intestinal health, because the fibers help the gut work better. The nutritionist, Mariana Nacarato, separated four suggestions of how to include the loaf of bread and prepare meals.


in This meal, the loaf of bread can be combined with a food source of protein (such as cheese, egg scrambled or ricotta cheese) and a fruit (such as banana, pear or apple). If you prefer, drinks such as coffee with milk or tea can follow. In a few minutes, it is possible to prepare a balanced diet and that helps to keep the pike throughout the day.

Sandwiches for a snack

To prepare a delicious sandwich, just to separate two slices of wholemeal bread, one serving of many vegetables (lettuce, rocket, watercress, carrot and tomato), olive oil and nuts crushed. To strengthen the sandwich, includes a source of protein, like tuna, shredded chicken, boiled egg or ricotta cheese.

The combination of nutrients is similar to a traditional meal, with rice, meat and vegetables. The bread shape can also be an option for those days that there is only 10 minutes to lunch or when the routine of a day job amendment with college and no time for dinner.

lanche global pre-treino

Without giving a lot of work, the loaf of bread can be a great choice of food pre-workout. Combine the full version with jelly, without sugar, and ricotta cheese. The snack should be consumed an hour before training. The meal will provide energy more slowly during the exercise. And for those who do not have programmed and have a few minutes before the workout, the bread in the traditional way can be an alternative. Quickly digested, energy to exercise will be immediate and effective.

get the friends

so as not To lose much time in the kitchen and offer a healthy snack for the friends, the bread in the traditional way can be the basis for mini pizzas from the oven. To prepare them, just add tomato sauce on each slice, muçarela or tuna, dried oregano and put in the oven to brown.