Learn how to moisturize and give shine to hair using natural products

take Care of hair is a concern that is a part of life of most women. If this care can still provide hydration, shine and effect of fortifying the strands, we can say that she will be quite accomplished. All of these effects can be achieved from the power of some natural ingredients.

This statement is part of a proof given by Fitoterapauta Naturopathic André Resende, who prepared a special recipe to help women take care of the hair.

Before you write down the recipe, pay attention to the property of some of the ingredients. This will give you even more confidence in the preparation of the cream.

two ingredients used

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avocado is rich in nutrients that can provide a number of health benefits. It contains protein, iron, carbohydrate and mineral substances. In addition to all this, the fruit also contains vitamins of the complex B and e, sugar, fitosterol, lecithin, tannin and acid, oleic acid, linoleic and palmitic.

In regards to aesthetic treatments, the avocado is rich in natural oils which act as a restorative and conservative. Their properties make the hair more heavy and soft, in addition to combat the split ends and increase the strength and elasticity of the wires, leaving them less prone to fall. The avocado also provides smoothness and shiny strands.

Broto de bamboo

from The natural ingredients present in the bamboo shoot, it can be used in the hair due to its moisturizing effect and growth. He also leaves strands soft and shiny, in addition to protecting the hair from chemical treatments and the sun.


The oil extracted from castor can be used as an ally to combat some hair loss issues. It helps in strengthening the scalp and in the growth of hair. How has anti-bacterial properties and antifúngicas, oil fight infections and the growth of bacteria and fungi that could impede hair growth.

The natural ingredient is also widely used to end with the downfall and flaws in the hair, as it accelerates the growth of the wires and makes the hair to be born strong and thick.

Preparing or creme


  • 30 ml de óleo de abacate;
  • 30 ml de óleo de jaca;
  • 1 can of 500 ml of creme de broto de bambu;
  • 1 can of 500 ml creams of mammon;
  • 1 can of 500 ml creams of antioxidant activity revealed.

Mode of prepare

preparation of a moisturizing cream to the hair is very easy. You just need to pick up a container and dump all of the ingredients in it. Stir well until you realize that all of them were perfectly mixed.

To apply on the wires, do this with the hair still wet. Separate small move and go by massaging with the cream. To facilitate the application, you can use a particular brush for the hair. After you have applied the full length of the hair, leave to act for about five minutes. In the sequence, it is only rinsing.

To keep your hair always moisturized and with a glow, the recommendation is that the procedure be repeated at least two times per week.