Learn how to make delicious cocada pineapple to serve as a dessert

Withstand a cocada well prepared is almost impossible. Even more if this cocada receive a touch of the head, such as the addition of another ingredient that, in addition to adding flavor, also is related to the health of the body. The recipe in question is the cocada pineapple.

Before you know the recipe in its entirety, here’s a little more about the properties of the pineapple and the benefits that are linked to your consumption.

About the pineapple

One of the main ingredients of the recipe is the pineapple. By the way, it is he who causes the cocada to differentiate itself from the coconut, kind of sweet more common among the people. The addition of this ingredient can bring some benefits to health.

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The pineapple is rich in water, so it helps in hydration of the body. He also does well to nutrition, being an excellent source of carbohydrates and dietary fiber. In addition, pineapple contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, B, and C, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and sodium.

The consumption of the fruit is also related to a series of benefits, such as aid digestion; prevention of flu, cold and cough; strengthen bones; good for heart health; protects against muscle degeneration; improves the health of skin and hair; controls blood clotting and protects against some types of cancer.

Cocada de casca de abacaxi


-Peel a lemon;
-2 cups (american type) crystal sugar or sweetener culinary;
-2 cups (american type) fresh grated coconut;
-1 liter of water.

Mode of prepare

The first step is to make the sanitization of the shell of the pineapple. To do this, use a brush with plenty of water. Then, chop it into small pieces. This is done, you will place the peel in a pan, along with the water, leaving to cook for 20 minutes.

after this time, turn off the heat and let it cool down a bit. The next step is to pass this mixture through the blender. After hitting, pass this first part of the recipe through a sieve. Place this “juice” into a saucepan, adding the sugar. While you are cooking, don’t forget to stir well until it thickens.

as soon As you reach this stage, add the fresh grated coconut and let it cook until you get to the point of cocada. The last part of the recipe is to accommodate the mixture into a glass container, so remove it from the fire. Before leaving the cocada to cool completely, cut into small squares.

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