Learn how to make a delicious cake with flour from the peel of passion fruit

The preparation of a good dessert often depends on the ingredients that are used. Some of them, in addition to do well to the taste, break can still bring some benefits to health, as is the case of the cake prepared with flour from the peel of passion fruit, hint of Fitoterapeuta Naturopath, André Resende.

The preparation of the dessert is very easy, because it does not need to be an expert in the kitchen, because, the only tool required for this is a blender.

If your palate has already started to be pointed, just wait until you see some of the benefits of the passion fruit, the main ingredient used in the preparation, can bring for the health.

Benefits of passion fruit for health

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passion fruit contains a large amount of antioxidants that protect against cancer, premature aging and inflammation. Among the nutrients present in fruit can still be highlighted the high concentration of vitamins A, B, and C, riboflavin, niacin, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, fiber, and protein.

The regular use of this fruit in the daily diet can bring many other health benefits, such as the control of blood pressure, eye health, increase the production of blood, increasing immunity, maintaining cardiovascular health and relaxation of the nervous system.

Already in relation to the shell of the passion fruit, also present in the recipe in the form of flour, it is quite rich in fibers that help in digestion, can do well to the weight loss process and also prevent and control diabetes. The fruit is also known for its soothing properties, relieving stress and improving sleep.

Cake with flour from the peel of passion fruit


-1 cup of flour-peel of passion fruit;
-1 cup pulp of passion fruit;
-1 cup of sweetener in culinary or sugar;
-4 eggs;
-1 cup milk;
-2 cups of wheat flour;
-1 tablespoon of baking;
-Half a coffee spoon of salt;
-4 tablespoons of margarine.

Mode of prepare

To start the process of preparation of the dessert, put in a blender the milk, eggs and beat. Pass the pulp of the passion fruit through the sieve, and also the wheat flour.

Still in the blender, add together the milk and eggs, the margarine, the flour of wheat and flour of the peel of passion fruit. Hit and go alternating with the pulp of passion fruit. Soon after, add the remaining ingredients: baking powder, and salt. Beat a little more and book.

After the ready-mix in the blender, separate a round shape and grease it with a little margarine. Bring to bake in a hot oven (about 240°). To know the ideal point, simply pierce the cake with a wooden skewer or a fork. The right point is when the object used to exit sequinho. After you take it out of the oven, leave to cool and serve.