Learn how to eliminate the taste of onion out of the mouth

Despite being a food is extremely healthy, the onion leaves a certain discomfort for the one who consumes. The breath that the plant leaves is considered by many to be something unpleasant.

But we won’t stop consuming a food that prevents anemia, diseases of the nervous system, and colds, improves circulation, anti-hypertension, prevents fluid retention, is anti-oxidant, antiss√©ptica, improves respiratory problems and still lose weight, just because it leaves a taste peculiar in the mouth.

Best to avoid eating a food that brings only benefits to the body is to know how to get rid of the breath left for it. Learn how to eliminate the mouth the taste of onion.

How to take the breath from onion

Higiene bucal

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The first step is pretty obvious: ensure a clean mouth proper. But it is not limited just to the brushing of teeth. Don’t forget the dental floss, it helps to clean the places that, typically, the brush does not reach.


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Eating apples is a great way to eliminate the bad smell of the mouth. So, thanks to the polyphenols present in the fruit. They break down the sulfur compounds that cause the odor of the onion.


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Beverages such as lemonade, green tea and tomato juice can also be solutions to the problem. The lemonade is bactericidal and astringent. This helps to eliminate the bacteria in both the mouth and the digestive system.

green Tea

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as for the green tea works as an effective odor remover, plus also act as an antioxidant and antibacterial.

Suco tomato

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The tomato juice helps to moisturize and stimulates the mouth to produce saliva, which provides cleaning it.

Baking soda

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bicarbonate of sodium, in addition to being a braqueador natural for your teeth, it also helps to remove bad smells from the mouth. Add a teaspoon of the product in a cup of tea with water and make a bochecho.