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Learn how to choose strawberry at the time of purchase

Learn how to choose strawberry at the time of purchase

During summer it is very recommended the consumption not only of a lot of water, but also of vegetables and fruits, bearing in mind that the hottest season of the year demand that the body works more than normal. But even with the end of this period, it is very important to continue with the consumption of fruits and salads.

When it comes to the consumption of this type of product, because it is a food “organic”, they have a small space of time of ripening, which requires care at the time of choice, not only to avoid picking up a piece of fruit damaged or that is not ripe; but also to choose the most tasty.

While some fruits, such as watermelons, are more difficult to identify, some may be more simple than it looks, as the strawberry for example. Check out the benefits of this fruit, and some tips of how to choose the most delicious at the time of purchase:

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Some of the benefits of fruit

Belonging to the same family of apple, pear, peach and cherry; the strawberry, besides being a fruit that is very tasty, not only for the consumption in natura, but also for the production of several products such as candy, juices, biscuits, ice-cream; still has many of the properties that provide multiple benefits.

in Addition to little calories (38 calories per 100 grams), the strawberry is a great source of fiber, which helps bowel movements. Its antioxidant properties help in several purposes, from beautifying the skin and hair even in fighting free radicals, causative agents of cancer. It is also a great source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. For more details about the strawberry, we have a post dedicated to its properties and benefits.

How to pick the strawberry in the time of the purchase

1. Cor

when you buy strawberry it is important to choose those that have a red color strong, since unlike most of the fruit, this do not ripen after being harvested from your foot.

2. Cheiro

One of the easiest ways to choose a strawberry is through their smell, since the strawberries are still “green” does not have a fragrance so strong while those that are mature, have a strong smell characteristic of the fruit.

3. Tamanho

Although it’s tempting to see a strawberry huge and well red, are the medium-sized to small which have a taste more sweet. Great fruits usually have a flavor more watery.