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For our friends who have doubts about the fertile period, we investigated the background everything about the subject and have prepared this material specially for you, follow our gossip (fuxico) today and to share this information with your friends, so you can help other women like you, it doesn’t cost anything to help others, right?

Well, let’s leave the conversation and enter immediately on the subject, can you identify the fertile period through the days of her menstruation, or through some symptoms which we will mention later, the length of the fertile period lasts about 6 days and will happen every month until you friend get in the dreaded phase of menopause, but today is not the day to talk about menopause, we’ll leave that for later.

All about the fertile period

Some of the symptoms presented by us women in the fertile period are increase in vaginal discharge and increased libido, pera ai libido? Is that so? Libido means an increase for sexual desire, the fertile period we women, we are more comfortable with sex, that men do not listen to us, but this is true. The count to know what is the date of the fertile period starts as soon as the comes to menstruation, from there you can count between 10 and 14 days after the first day. of the period.

Knowing exactly which days of your fertile period is much easier to prevent or try a pregnancy, in this period the chances of the woman becoming pregnant are quite large, for women who do not want to become pregnant we advise not to rely solely on the table of the fertile period, the ideal is to make use of some contraceptive method preference indicated by your doctor.

There are several symptoms that indicate the fertile period, we will list a series of symptoms for you, remembering that these symptoms can vary according to each individual, this is not a cake recipe that is all the same, each woman reacts in a different way, but we will put in maximum effort for you to be expert in the subject.

Emergence of acne pimples is a very common symptom, our skin becomes more oily and prone to the appearance of pimples and blackheads, even older women can have pimples, do not think of pimples appear only in the younger women.

the Secretions in the vagina tint transparent is one of the first signs that we noticed, it indicates that the ovulation is coming, accompanied of the fertile period, this time is to release a hormone called estradiol, the production of fluid vaginal is higher than normal, the function of this fluid is to prepare the way for the espermatozoide to reach the egg through the vaginal canal, a good comparison for this liquid would be that it looks like a raw egg white, don’t worry that is all normal.

More about the fertile period


  • goes up a fire on us, comes that desire for sex is constant, because we feel more attractive and thus arouses more sexual desire, this is one of the symptoms good.
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  • heat increases greatly in this period that can reach up to an increase of almost 1 degree in our body, this happens due to the follicles that release our eggs contributing to the increase of progesterone that is largely responsible for the increase in our temperature, if you want to take the doubt just pick up a thermometer and check your temperature as soon as you wake up, preferably before you even get out of bed.

fertile Period

fun Facts about the fertile period


  • Oh my God!!! We almost forgot to speak of the dreaded cramps that insist on in torment, in the fertile period they tend to appear and disappear throughout the day, this means that we are ovulating.
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  • The men that will forgive, but mood changes are inevitable at this time, we have an emotional instability constant during the fertile period, so tell your partner that you have patience because the nature made us so.
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  • So that the mucus of the vagina becomes more fluid and as well style picnic, is the perfect way for the sperm to reach the egg, that way the path is much more easy and fast for our friends the sperm, when the body strives to prepare for fertilization it ends up contributing to the increase of the temperature of the body also, in a fertile time, just a touch to shake the points to unimaginable pleasure sexual, so be careful on who plays…

even with all this information you still can not become pregnant, we suggest to search for a health care professional in the area, because the monitoring of a health professional is essential for us women, it may suggest ovulation tests for you or even a semen analysis for your love, whoever he is.

Friends we hope to have contributed with information that can be useful in their lives, keep an eye on our next posts, talking about health can count with us, until the next one.


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