Learn more about the benefits of esponjeira and learn how to make your tea

Belonging to the family Febaceae, the same to which belong the beans, peas, and the family of beans; the esponjeira, also known in some localities as acacia yellow, is a small tree with some thorns and that has as main characteristic its abundant flowers are yellow in color.

Present in the cerrado, mainly in the states of Tocantins and Goiás, the plant is much used for ornamental, primarily for fences-alive since it is very fire resistant, in addition to which its flowers are very fragrant and adorn the tree.

Going far beyond its beauty, the esponjeira can also be used in medicine, since their flowers, seeds and roots have several properties and it has many benefits to those who consume it.

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Properties and benefits

The main properties found in the roots, flowers, leaves and seeds of the acacia-yellow are:

  • Adstringente;
  • Analgésica;
  • Antirreumática;
  • Antibacteriana;
  • Digestiva;
  • Demulcente;
  • Estimulante;
  • Emoliente;
  • Estomáquica;
  • Hipertensiva.

Thanks to these features contained in certain parts of the tree, the consumption of derivatives of the same is recommended to treat diarrhea, sore throat, conjunctivitis, hypotension (low blood pressure), typhoid fever and rheumatism.

in addition, their derivatives can be used for very simple things how to relieve dyspepsia, cramp, bruises on the skin and stagnation of blood. It also has the power to relieve tumors, and help in the treatment of cancer of the stomach.

Ways to use the esponjeira medicinally

Although the most popular way to be the consumption through tea, can also be applied to the dry leaves of the plant on a wound; the root can be chewed to help relieve sore throats and can even be taken a hot bath using your flowers and aromatic in the water. Check out the following recipe and how it should be prepared and consumed with the tea esponjeira:

Tea esponjeira


  • 1 cup (tea) of water (240 ml);
  • 10 g root of esponjeira;
  • Sugar, sweetener or honey (Optional).

Prepare and use

Put the water in a saucepan or teapot and heat until it begins to boil. Turn off the heat and add the roots in the water. Let it rest for approximately ten minutes and after that just strain it and consume. It can also be added sugar, sweetener or honey. It is recommended the intake of three cups of tea per day.


Both the tea, as the other from the plant are contraindicados for people who suffer from hypertension or any other disease related to blood pressure increase.