Make these changes in your diet and enjoy a healthy heart

cardiovascular diseases are the main causes of mortality in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). To give you an idea, the Brazilian Society of Cardiology states that only in the first three months of 2017, more than 70 thousand brazilians died because of problems related to the heart.

But what most worries the experts is regarding the causes of these problems that most of them are linked to poor diet.

Taking into consideration a study published in the journal of the American Academy of Medicine, the excessive consumption of certain foods, as well as the disabilities of others are responsible for almost 50% of deaths related to cardiovascular problems.

Therefore, it is possible to say that the power supply can be directly linked to heart disease, such as infarctions and strokes. For the cardiologist of the Network of Hospital São Camilo of São Paulo, Luiz Velloso, the major concerns for brazilians are the salt, fats, and carbohydrates.

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heart Problems related to poor diet

The great “villain” of cardiovascular health is the salt, which, if not used properly becomes a huge problem for the body, especially in the case of blood pressure.

“This correlation the salt/hypertension also has expression of the population and is fairly well known is the observation that groups such as the indians in Yanomami, whose eating habits do not include the salt in foods, and that have a prevalence of negligible arterial hypertension”, explains the expert.

Starting from the assumption of the hypertension, which is a problem for coronary artery disease, other cardiovascular diseases may arise as a result. “The vessels will suffer degenerative changes, until the disease may be manifested by means of its the most feared consequences, such as stroke – stroke – and myocardial infarction”, says the doctor.

Changes in power to have a healthy heart

Therefore, those who want to maintain the healthy body and the proper functioning of the heart, need to change the power. Match the dishes with healthier options is recommended by the cardiologist. For example:

  • Replace the fats for fibers: whole Foods, cereals and grains are examples of products that have fibers and so help the body to function better. Unlike fats that end up clogging our blood vessels and prevent the blood to circulate freely;
  • Decrease the salt and invest in herbs: As already mentioned, the salt is considered to be a product very harmful for the health. For this reason, it is indicated to reduce consumption and rely more on herbs and spices that can replace it in the preparation of the dishes;
  • Swap carbs for vegetables: and vegetables are great options for the body, because carry various nutrients that contribute to the health of the body. Already the carbohydrates in excess make it easier to gain weight and impair the patient’s quality of life.