It is worthwhile to invest in Goji Berry in the weight loss process?

Originated in China, the fruit goji berry has gained a considerable amount of space in Brazil in the last years. All this fame gained is related to the fact that this food is considered to be an ally of the diets fitness.

Call of the superfood, the fruit has numerous nutrients essential to the human body and is still evaluated as an important piece in the weight loss process.

But, is that all this popularity is the result of a good marketing project, or will it be the same that the goji berry can decrease the body mass of the person who consumes? Questions like this can arise, given that there are as many products placed on the market with the promise to promote weight loss, but in truth, they are false advertising.

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Before revealing the role of this fruit in the diets, it is important to highlight the benefits that it has, according to information from the nutritionist Sinara Menezes.

Para that serves goji berry?

“in Addition to a rich source of protein, the goji is one of the best sources of vitamin C, exceeding that of many fruits known for this potential. The fruit is also rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, and selenium, in addition to owning high antioxidant power,” explains Menezes.

The nutrients are so many, that this fruit stands out more than a few food consecrated in Brazil in accordance with the nutritional. For example, goji has more beta-carotene than the carrot, and with respect to vitamin C, the fruit in a serving of 100 g has about 50 times more than an orange. In addition, it has many antioxidants, being able to reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good (HDL).

Goji is also rich in flavonoids and for this reason protects the skin against premature aging, age still in the combat of diseases that arise through the degeneration of the cells, such as cancer. Rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, do as well for the vision and able to fight off the blindness.

How goji berry works nas diets?

In 2011, a u.s. survey, published in the “Journal of the American College of Nutrition” (JACN), used some people in the study with the goji berry. After 14 days, participants who ate a juice to the base of the berry reduced up to 5.5 cm from the waist, while those who did not consume continued with its measures intact. Thus, the results show the benefit of this fruit in the diets.

“The Goji is a food with a low glycemic index, meaning it releases glucose in the body moderately, keeping the power stable, avoiding spikes in blood sugar and hunger abrupt. In addition, by being rich in fibers and proteins, prolongs the feeling of satiety and assists in the control of caloric intake – factors essential for those who want to lose weight”, confirms the nutritionist.

Forms using this fruit

given the above, it is indicated to add goji berry to the diet daily, but with the assistance of a specialist in orientation. “To consume it in the form dehydrated is a great way to enrich a menu fit: one tablespoon has only 40 Kcal, and a good intake of nutrients. To give you an idea, 100 grams of goji concentrate to about 30 g of vitamin C, one-third of the recommended daily dose for adults,”, advises Menezes.

“Two tablespoons (about 20 g of the fruit dehydrated) or a glass of 200 ml of juice per day are already sufficient to achieve the benefits of the fruit, always in conjunction with a balanced diet. This balance is crucial, even, to keep the individual motivated to follow the diet. ” concludes the nutritionist.