Is that cereal in the morning is really healthy? Find out

the Great companion of the morning, the cereal is one of the favorite options to start your day light and healthy. But is the food really as good as they say?

The cereal can be a healthy food. Everything will depend on which type you chose, the amount that will ingest and, for incredible that it seems, even the place of the house where you will eat.

Some of the cereals have the same amount of protein from an egg, fiber from the oats and the calcium from the yogurt (in the latter case it is necessary that you add together the cereal, milk with low fat content).

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How to know if a cereal is healthy

When you’re buying a cereal, pay particular attention to the composition of it. If you want the food to be healthy, opt for those rich in vitamins and minerals. Choose those who contain about 5 grams of fiber and less than 8 grams of sugar.

cereals that beyond being a healthy food, generally, have much more sugar than nutrients. This high dosage can generate a serious increase in blood sugar levels, especially if consumed daily.

it Is necessary to be aware also for the amount of cereal that will be eaten. The most appropriate is to use a glass in the time to measure the amount of food that will be served. This way you will also be controlling the number of calories consumed.

And even the location of your home where you chose to sit back and enjoy your cereal, can be a differentiator. A survey released by the website of CNN Spanish reported that women who drink coffee in the morning sitting on the kitchen counter tend to weigh much more than their neighbors who do not have this practice.