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How to wash feather pillows d’s goose

goose down pillows are popular for their softness and comfort, in addition to the heat regulating properties and insulating of the material that composes them. Comfortable and elegant, goose-down pillows, as well as the duvets of the same material, require constant care and attention, especially regarding cleanliness.

that is why it is important to know what is the best way to wash the pillows in goose down, especially if you want to preserve the softness and comfort.

How to wash feather pillows goose: the best method

The goose feather pillows must be subject to a daily treatment that basically consists in exposing them to the air to remove the dust and manipulating them by hand, so tools like the vacuum cleaner or the carpet that could “alter” the form.

in The everyday care, however, it is essential to associate is also a cleaning the more “irregular”, but much more thorough, to eliminate the germs that lurk on the fabrics of the house.

the first method to wash the goose down pillows is putting them in the washing machine: in this case however, it is essential to take a series of precautions and opt for wash cycles for delicate and at low temperatures; we recommend that you place two pillows in the washing machine, parallel to one another in such a way as to allow a dry uniform and balanced.

If you want to hand wash, then put them to soak in a bath, checking that the cover is intact and does not present any type of laceration or cutting, otherwise the water may seep inside and damage the plumage.

Whether you choose for the washing machine whether you prefer hand washing, we recommend that you do not use too much detergent, and to prefer the liquid soap of neutral or natural.

as regards the drying, the ideal would be to dry the feather pillows goose in a tumble dryer; in this case set to a medium temperature and leave to dry for about 15 minutes. After this time, remove the pillows from the dryer and mix vigorously with your hands for him to recover to the original shape. If you don’t have a dryer, you can lay them out in the sun, taking care, however of sprimacciarli occasionally.

In both cases, before replacing the cover, make sure that the pillows are completely dry since the presence of moisture might develop unpleasant odors.

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