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how to use l’ rose water

Since the past ages, the rose was considered as an ornamental flower from decorative beauty, then with the passing of the years, it has been discovered that this flower also has healing properties. In particular, l’ rose water or hydrolat of pink, is obtained from the crushing and distillation of the rose petals for the production of the’ essential oil. L’ rose-water was largely exported from the persians, allowing them to enrich themselves, then in the middle Ages, l’ rose water was used to clean the hands before eating, and the doctors prescribed to prevent fainting, and strengthening the organs, and protect the heart. Even today, l’ rose water is very popular,m especially for the beauty of the face, but let’s see in detail how to use l’ rose water:

l’ rose water is traditionally used to relieve indigestion and occasional constipation, reduce bleeding, and reduce the redness and the swelling. It seems that it can help relieve cough and throat irritation. In aromatherapy, l’ rose water helps to soothe headaches and calm the nerves. In one study, researchers found that l’rose oil (l’ rose water usually contains 10-50% rose oil) helps the blood pressure and promotes respiration by encouraging relaxation. Many recipes in China, India and the Middle East involving l’ use of the’rose water, it adds a nice flavor to syrups and jellies, and can also be sprinkled on rice, puddings and cakes. L’ rose water is great to tone and moisturize the skin, promotes circulation and encourages l’ obtaining a glowing complexion, a condition that is biological. There are many women all over the world that use imbibendo a cotton swab to complete the cleaning of the face and after struccato to perfection, as a tonic to the face before applying the moisturiser.


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