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how to understand the signs of hormonal imbalance

The chemical messengers of your body, hormones, traveling to every organ through the blood stream and regulate vital processes, such as metabolism and reproduction. The hormones most frequently floating in the body are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone (sex hormones), thyroid hormone (metabolism), adrenalin (a hormone energy), cortisol (stress hormone) and melatonin (hormone of sleep). Women have more hormonal changes than men, they are subject to menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum, pre-menopause and finally, menopause. All these changes greatly change a woman’s body and cause the fluctuation of hormones. Being vital to key processes of the body, hormonal fluctuations will significantly affect her mental well-being and general physical. While you should consult a doctor when you experience hormone imbalance, the first step toward treatment begins with l’identification of the problem. We will then how to understand the signs of hormonal imbalance:

if you notice changes in your weight , it can be due to hormonal changes in the body. The thyroid produces hormones that regulate metabolism and, as a result, l’ weight gain or loss. If you have chills, tiredness, dry skin, constipation etc.. there might be a problem. Cortisol, a hormone produced in the adrenal glands during periods of stress, it can often contribute to tiredness and all’ depressed mood. If you suddenly experience a feeling of warmth that comes from nowhere and spreads throughout the body, accompanied by sweating, palpitation, and tingling of the body, there may be estrogen levels that transmit signals confused because it’hypothalamus, causing these issues. Even the problems of insomnia can be linked to the’s hormonal balance, as well as oily skin and the thinning of the hair, dryness in the eye, l’ increased body hair and the poblemi digestive. Therefore, in the presence of one or more of these symptoms, you should be prescribe the examinations of control to ascertain the problem and if you take care of themselves.


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