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how to treat the stings of the nettle

Many naturalistic excursions can be very pleasant if we prick it with l’ poison ivy, which is the most common cause of allergic reactions. When it comes in contact with the leaves, the stems are toxic, or the roots of the plant you test an itch unbearable. Other common symptoms include the formation of blisters and soreness, and occasionally there may be intense burning, inflammation and even fever. A skin rash due to’ poison ivy, eventually go away on its own, but the itching can last for a long time and be very annoying. Fortunately, without necessarily resorting to medications and creams are expensive, there are home remedies that can help alleviate such discomfort. Let’s discover together, then the ch ow to treat the stings of nettles:

l’ alcohol is a solvent, disinfectant, calming and refreshing properties that can help get rid of the symptoms of the sting of poison ivy. It also sterilizes the affected skin and helps prevent infections . Spread l’ the alcohol over the’area of interest avvolgertela with a piece of gauze. Do this several times a day for two or three days. If you apply l’ alcohol immediately after coming in contact with the poisonous plant, you can help slow down and reduce to a minimum the l’entity of the rash as well as your discomfort. Even the banana peel can come in your rescue for its soothing properties and refreshing. The phenols present in the’ oats and anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce the’inflammation caused by a reaction of the skin to the substance in the plant that irritates the skin. Boil the flour d’oats in the water, leave to cool for a few minutes, and then apply it on the affected area, while it is still hot. Let it dry by itself and then wash it off with lukewarm water. This simple remedy will give you relief from the itching.


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