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how to treat sensitive teeth naturally

sometimes the food cold, hot, sweet, or fatty can trigger a sharp pain and a sudden, deep into the nerve endings of the teeth. This discomfort is known as the sensitivity of the tooth. The roots of your teeth contain thousands of tiny tubules (channels) leading to the nerve center of the tooth. The stimuli of hot, cold or sweet can travel through these tubules to reach the nerve in your tooth when the tooth (the coating on the root of the tooth) becomes exposed by the recent gum tissue. The sensitivity of the tooth can be caused by a tooth that is fractured, fillings, worn, diseases of the gums, the enamel of the teeth worn out and exposed roots. L’ use of products for l’ oral hygiene wrong and the consumption of many foods acidosis, can also contribute to this problem. Fortunately, the sensitivity of the tooth is quite treatable, whatever the cause. There are some remedies that you can try at home to help manage the condition and reduce the pain. We will then how to treat sensitive teeth naturally:

l’coconut oil can help to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth and to decrease the sensitivity of the tooth. Being an antibacterial agent and a natural l’coconut oil helps to reduce the plaque present on the teeth. You can just use it for gargling the mouth. L’salt water can also help to quickly relieve the sensitivity of the tooth. L’salt water improves l’s pH balance of the mouth, thus creating an alkaline environment in which harmful bacteria cannot survive. Can help reduce dental pain and treat the gums and the side effects of the recent problems dental. The nails garafano, are widely used in dentistry for their anti-inflammatory properties, anesthetic and antibacterial properties that help reduce tooth pain and fight oral infections. Just chewing a couple before sputarli, a couple of times a day.


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