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How to treat oily skin

oily skin is a skin type that can be problematic for those who suffer from it, especially if it is women struggling with the trick. Those who suffer from it, in fact, know how to create discomfort to the face shiny, oily, often accompanied by the presence of pimples, blackheads, enlarged pores, dull complexion and irregular rain. And they’ should, however, make a distinction, first of all, it is absolutely normal that the skin may appear shiny in some spots, especially if we are outside a lot of time and maybe even rigged a skin properly fat you recognized by excessive production of sebum, visible immediately after washing the face, placing a tissue on the nose. Then there is also the combination skin that looks oily in the so-called ” T”, that is the one that affects the nose, forehead and chin and normal or even dry in the rest of the face. Clearly, these two types of skin will be treated in a different way. Today in particular, we see how to treat oily skin:

oily skin is to be treated by acting on different factors, the first relates to l’ diet, oily skin and presence of pimples, in fact, are generally the index of the’ diet healthy, rich in sugars, fats and products of animal origin. So try to change your style of life, by feeding you a more healthy, enriching your diet fruit and vegetables, avoiding sweets and fried foods, and preferring the white meat to the red ones. With regard to l’ hygiene then, l’ most common mistake that we tend to do is to wash your face often and with aggressive products with the hope of “drying” the skin, actually oily skin is sensitive skin and should be cleansed, and the righteous (2-3 times daily) with a delicate, free of petro chemicals. Also remember to always wash your face after, and there be make-up free, go to the quest’ last, really critical. After the cleansing, then, treat the skin with a good moisturizer specific for oily skin of good quality. Once a week, then remember to do a scrub on the face to remove dead cells. Lastly, to avoid the smoke, which harms the skin as well as the health.

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