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how to treat cradle cap

seborrheic dermatitis infant, is a common skin problem among children. This disorder is characterized by scaly patches on the scalp. This condition can be common among infants, children up to three years. The symptoms of cradle cap include spots on the skin, yellow or white, and the skin irritated and cracked, and hair loss. The exact cause of cradle cap is not known, although some researchers think that may be because of the hormones passed from the mother to the child. Cradle cap can also appear on the eyebrows, eyelids, ears, crease of the nose, back of the neck, diaper area, or underarms. If it is spreading from the scalp to other parts of the body of a child, it is a good idea to consult a physician. Although cradle cap is unsightly, it is generally considered harmless and is temporary and usually disappears within a few weeks or months. There are several home remedies however, that can effectively treat the milk crust of children, without damaging the skin. We will then how to treat cradle cap:

wash the head of your child every day with a gentle baby shampoo and warm water can help get rid of cradle cap. Washing helps loosen the flakes of cradle cap without irritating the soft skin of the child. Wet the scalp of your baby with warm water. gently rub a small amount of baby shampoo on the head. Wait two minutes and then rub the scalp with a soft bristle brush for children. Rinse the area with warm water and gently pass a dry towel. Follow this remedy once a day for the first week and then twice a week until the cradle cap is gone completely. L’ olio d’olive oil can help to soften the skin and moisturizes it. Then heated slightly with a small amount of olive oil. Gently massage l’oil on the scalp of your baby before bedtime and leave on during the night. The following morning, wash the hair of your baby with baby shampoo and warm water.

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