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how to treat constipation in children

One of the constipation, especially in children, is a difficult problem to treat. And the ‘it is also heartbreaking for parents to see their children uncomfortable, feel pain and cry. The normal quantity of bowel movements that a child should have, on average, depends on her age and what she eats. A child suffering from constipation if your bowel movements are less frequent than usual. Other signs include the strive more than usual, the presence of blood in the stool, stomach rigid, and the refusal of the food due to the growing discomfort. This problem in children can be due to the’the introduction of new solid foods, by the lack of activity and possible dehydration. Although rare, children can suffer from constipation due to an underlying medical condition, such as l’hypothyroidism, botulism, some food allergies and metabolic disorders. So if your child experiences frequent episodes of constipation, consult a pediatrician. However, for mild constipation, you can try it with some exercise or changes in diet to help deal with this problem. Let’s see together in detail, then how to treat constipation in children:

To help the constipation treatment in small children, it is possible to use some of the exercises. Help improve the digestion and make bowel movements regular, in order to treat constipation in children. Encourage the child to move, but if it is too small, put your baby in a lying position, put your legs in a semi-bent and gently begin to move the child’s legs,simulating the movements that you make in your bike. Massaging the tummy of the baby is another good remedy for the babies constipated, do a gentle massage of the lower abdomen to stimulate the bowel movements. Also a hot bath and relaxing can help a lot. Proper hydration is essential for regular bowel movements. For small children, water and milk are great options to keep them hydrated and help their own function the digestive system running smoothly. This will ensure regular bowel movements and help prevent constipation and pains due to presence of gas.


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