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How to train the whole body

L’summer is approaching and with it the proof costume. L’goodbye to sweaters, baggy jackets and coats are always a little bit’ traumatic especially for those who has a skinny body and trained to show. Fortunately, we are still in time to run for cover. Training the whole body three times a week will get you to the warmer season with a physical and more harmonious can overshadow even a few extra pounds, or less!

Curvy ma con stile!

exercise a lot of fashion is the Planking. Useful to train all the muscles of the bust is an exercise in static that does not stress the joints and it is easy to do in the house. The difficulty of this exercise is to keep the position “in-axis” for a certain length of time; five minutes are a good result. It’ll have to contrarrete voluntary abdominal muscles, abdominal obliques, and lumbar, so, it is very important to place properly on the body.

Get in the prone position , belly down, and sit in the support on the forearms and on the tips of your feet keeping your legs stretched out and apart; the elbows should align directly under your shoulders.

The body must be stretched to form a straight line, neck in line with spine. As a board, not inarcate the lower part of the back. Pay attention to your breathing.

If you are not very trained when it, take a break of thirty seconds to get in position.

To train instead of the legs and buttocks, do the squats and lunges. Start with three sets of ten repetitions, and a break of sixty seconds between a series and l’other. As soon as you they are easy, increase to five repetitions at a time.

L’the last thing that you just need to train are your arms. L’ideal exercise because it also involves other muscles are push-ups. If you are not very fit make them with the knees bent, if instead you keep your legs straight.

This simple exercise will cost you a few minutes and you can repeat it quietly three times a week and in a few months you’ll be ready for the swimsuit test.

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