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how to take advantage of the benefits of the light of the sun

excessive exposure to sunlight can lead to sunburn, skin aging, and also cancer of the skin, but it is also true that l’exposure to the sun limited has many health benefits. L’ exposure to the sun is the easiest and most healthy to get vitamin D, which is almost vital for l’ s body, such as the l’oxygen. When exposed to sunlight the body produces vitamin D. This vitamin plays an important role in the electrolyte metabolism, in protein synthesis, the immune system and in the functioning of the nerves and muscles in a series of other physiological processes. Let’s see in detail how to take advantage of the benefits of the light of the sun:

l’ exposure to sunlight of the early morning for 10-15 minutes (without sunscreen) is a good option to enjoy the benefits of the sun. Avoid direct sunlight during peak hours of the day, or from 10 to 16. If for various reasons, there is need to expose the skin to the sun during peak hours, apply sunscreen on the exposed parts of the body, wearing appropriate clothes and a hat or umbrella to protect the head. Sunlight stimulates the immune system, thanks to the production of vitamin D. For healthy bones and strong, is necessary in the light of the sun, it helps the body produce vitamin D, which stimulates l’s absorption of calcium which helps to strengthen the bones. This leads to a lowering of the risk of bone diseases, fractures and osteoporosis. Vitamin D3 plays a vital role in preventing macular degeneration that is linked to the’age, which is the most common cause of blindness in the elderly. The vitamin D jute the eyes by reducing l’inflammation, eliminating the amyloid beta and improving visual function. Stand in a sunny place in the early morning. Do not wear contact lenses or glasses. Close your eyes and let the light of the sun falls on the eyelids. The sunlight may help maintain a healthy weight by speeding up the rate of metabolism, d’the other hand, the lack of vitamin D can help because it’accumulation of fat. L’exposure to the natural light ensures the maintenance of the sleep cycle-an alarm clock. With l’exposure to sunlight, the optic nerve sends a message to the gland in the brain that produces melatonin, a hormone associated with all’onset of sleep.


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