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How to swim in the mermaid

experts and fans of swimming, who know the sport, know that to swim to the mermaid-just move the legs a dolphin and keep your arms together in a forward or straight down the sides.

For the less experienced these words, however, do not have any sense: mermaid, dolphin …. Who knows?!

Then we try to understand better. The movement consists of a’ripple that starts from the shoulders and ends with the feet. It is a movement very difficult because it affects the entire body except the arms that shall stand firm along the sides or straight forward as anticipated. Starting from a position of legs stretched out under the l’of water, these are retrieved to l’the top, first with l’s extension of the basin, then with the bending of the knee. From here, it gives a boost to the bottom with the leg. To avoid straining the ankles, the feet are relaxed, extended and slightly rotated towards l’s interior.

For those who love taking long swims in the sea, or for those who want to train for the swim at mermaid, there are also some mono fins, which are located in specialty shops at a price not very high. They can be worn as normal fins, and there are of different length. The size of the fin, of course it will depend on the force of the thrust, and then the m d’the water will run through. Be careful though, because it is a movement that requires a lot of muscular effort so if you’re not trained to choose smaller fins.

For those who want to live the experience to swim and feel just a mermaid, exist in the market, the Monofin. It is a special rubber sheath patterns with very imaginative that recall the colors of the sirens and keep together the legs, starting from the feet up l basin. The sheath ends with a big fins that allows large displacements in addition to providing the wearer the sensual elegance proper to the fin of a mermaid. On the island of Borocay in the Philippines, was born in the PMSA, the Academy the Philippine swimming Mermaid, and a school for learning this difficult art, and also to provide, to those who want to live this experience, useful advice.

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