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Come affumicare the carne

smoking meat is a process that is used to aromatize through the exposure to smoke by means of a combustion, very slow burning firewood. There are two types of smoking, a cold, which provides a very long time, which is used mainly for cheese and a hot ( between 50 and 89 degrees of temperature), that is mainly used for the smoking process of meats and fish. The two modes can be done in a superficial manner ( this occurs at the industrial level and only change the flavor of foods, but not the properties) that in a profound way (takes place in the home, and also changes the properties of food). Very often in the house especially those who have a lot of free time, he dedicates himself to smoke, on this occasion, we see in particular or how to smoke meat:

first get yourself a nice piece of meat, often enough and let it dehydrate, that is to say that you’ll have to drain all the fluids of the flesh, putting it under salt ( the ratio is 30 g. of salt for every kg. of meat) and spices to taste, in this specific case the most recommended is the dill, combined with the cane sugar. Then, put the slices of meat in a bowl together with the other ingredients, put a weight on top and store in the refrigerator for 4 – 5 days. Spent the time useful to take a pot that you will use solely for the smoke and fill it with wood shavings free of resin, and add in some sprigs of wild fennel for flavouring, then ignite them. As soon as the fire is quenched, they will begin to produce fumes useful to smoking, therefore, placed on the pan, a grill, a broiler or even a few sheets of parchment paper pricked and poggiateci over slices of meat for at least an hour.

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