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how to sew pillows

The cushions are not only the ones on which to lay your head when you sleep, there are many more, are the precious objects d’furniture, useful to customize and give style also sofas and chairs and more simple and economic.

Buy them already packaged is very comfortable but you would lose l’originality of the product. If you do not want to find the same pillows you have in your home on a friend’s couch l’only solution is cucirveli alone. Let’s see how to do it.

First you set the size that should have your pillow, for example, 40×40 or 50×60, etc.. Done this you determine how many pillows the same you want to achieve.

Now you can go buy the fabric. The piece of fabric that you will need to purchase will be rectangular because it has a side doubled, and must have at least 3 inches per side that are used for the seams. For example, for a cushion 40×40 you’ll have to buy a piece of cloth 46×86, or to a cushion 50×60 must be 56×126, and so on.

you Can now proceed with the seams: fold in half and down the piece of fabric bought, and with l’help of a meter and a piece of chalk or pins mark the line along which you sew, leaving one side open. From this side you will need to enter l’padding kapok can be purchased in the wholesale of materials for beds, pillows and mattresses, or in a haberdashery is well stocked.

you Can now close the cushion in a variety of ways: sewing on the starboard side is left open; mounting of the buttons more or less small and more or less visible depending on the tastes or, alternatively, by mounting a hinge.

If you are enough experienced you can think of ways to realize a closure with concealed zipper. To do so you have to expect when you take the measurements, and when assembled the sides that one of the faces of the cushion should be longer because you will use the fabric to make the fold that will cover the closing.

L’padding will not be inserted from the top side but from the back, and the end result will be much more clean and professional.

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