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how to sew a dress

you can’t afford that beautiful dress that you have featured? Simple, make it real alone. What today seems abnormal, exceptional, not many years ago it was the norm! If this is the first time you try to do if a dress, it is best not to overdo it, choose a simple pattern and a fabric that is easy to work with.

you can also practice by using sheets, table-cloths or old pieces of cloth unused so once you’ve made a perfect model for you, you can play it with a cloth more beautiful and valuable, and you will not run the risk of wasting money.

Wash the cloth that you should use so that you included well the folds and that the fabric is affected by the natural restriction. Once dry stiratelo with accuracy.

l’the next operation you need is a chalk tailor’s, and a flat surface is very wide where you can work freely. Roll out the fabric properly, poggiateci above the paper and with the chalk draw the contours. The pattern provide the exact dimensions and the shapes from the trim, and are free or at little price on the internet or in the mercerie and in the shops of fabric scraps and craft supplies. Before choose and buy, take your measurements.

If you want to reproduce the model of a dress that you already have to create a pattern or anyway to use it as a model from which to take the measures and the forms for the cutting of the fabric.

If you use a fake model, take care to cut the edges, leaving about 1.5 cm of extra fabric for the seams.

Now you can start sewing. Put the fabric upside down to make the seams, starting from the sides and follow the step-by-step directions that sonosul pattern. Add from time to time all the parts of the dress and once complete rifiniscilo with care.

L’ultima cosa che va fatta è l’orlo in fondo al vestito perchè è meglio farlo dopo averlo indossato.

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