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how to relieve the symptoms of chickenpox

chickenpox is caused by the virus known as varicella-zoster and spreads easily from one person to’other. This disease can spread through l’to air or contact with saliva, mucus, or fluid of the blisters of an infected individual. The infected person is contagious from one to two days before onset of rash, until all the blisters are dry. Usually it takes 10-21 days to allow symptoms to develop after being exposed to the virus. The most common symptoms are itching, skin rash and spots or blisters all over the body. Other symptoms include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, and muscle aches. It is more common among infants, followed by pregnant women and people with weak immune system. Usually, the worst symptoms of chickenpox disappear in about two weeks. However, you can try with some natural remedies to alleviate some of the symptoms and get relief from the itching. We will then how to relieve symptoms of chicken pox:

baking soda can help control the itching and l’ irritation from chickenpox. Mix half a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass d’water. Use a soft cloth to soak in the solution and sustain it with on the affected part of the body and allow it to dry. A’s other option is to mix half or one cup of baking soda in the’ bath water and immerse yourself in it. L’ neem oil helps to dry out the blisters and relieves itching to a great extent. Prepare a soup of carrots and coriander is highly beneficial in the treatment of chickenpox. It is rich in antioxidants that help in the healing process. The honey will provide relief from the itching and help heal the blisters caused by chicken pox. L’lavender oil is another effective remedy to reduce l’irritation of the skin and itching caused by chickenpox. Dilute a little ‘essential oil of lavender with a base oil, such as almond or coconut oil and apply it on the affected areas and leave on until it dries. Repeat two times per day. Many people find relief by applying locally talc-mint, useful especially if you contract the disease in summer.


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