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how to relieve injuries shoes

injuries shoes are a common problem and an unfortunate inconvenience . A so-called “bite” of the shoe is an ugly sore that occurs on the foot, after wearing the new shoes or that we wore for a long time. The fabric, the skin tight goes to rub against the skin, causing friction that in the end translate into inflammation, pain and swelling, and can lead to blisters and leave unsightly scars. Women are more prone to these problems shoes, since they wear tight shoes and uncomfortable more often than men. If you have been hit, let’s see it then, how to relieve injuries shoes:
The first step in the healing of a bite from the shoe, and avoid wearing the shoe that triggered the problem. You can start wearing a new shoe after which the skin heals completely. You can treat a lesion of the shoe with a cream antiseptic, but there are simple home remedies that are equally good to reduce the pain, promote healing and prevent scarring. L’coconut oil is one of the best remedies, thanks to the moisturizing properties and anti-inflammatory properties and can help heal a bite of shoes in a hurry. Honey is another effective remedy for bites of shoes. The nature of the honey is able to accelerate healing, diminish bruising, and reduce l’inflammation and the pain. Mix the same amount of organic honey and olive oil. Apply it on the affected area. Let it dry by itself and then rinse with warm water. Repeat l’operation twice a day until you get the desired results. You can use l’aloe vera to reduce the burning sensation, inflammation and pain. The anti-inflammatory properties and soothing properties of the’ aloe vera will help the skin to heal quickly. Being rich in antimicrobial properties, and it can also prevent l’infection.


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