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how to relieve breast pain

The breast pain, also known as mastodynia, is a very common complaint among women, especially during the menstrual cycle. Some common symptoms are pain, heaviness, and swelling of both breasts. The pain may be mild or severe and it occurs consistently or only occasionally. The pain in the breast can be classified into two main clinical pictures: cyclic ( l’intensity of pain changes during the menstrual cycle) and non-cyclical pain remains unchanged during the menstrual cycle). This last type is less common. Breast pain cyclic occurs due to hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. D’the other hand, the breast pain non-cyclical is associated with problems affecting the structure of the breast, such as cysts, trauma, surgery, preventive, or other factors. Other causes of breast pain have an imbalance of fatty acids all’within the cells of the breast, l’use of certain medications, l’ having large breasts, l’breastfeeding and wear bras which are not suitable for your breasts. For the breast pain that occurs before or during the menstrual cycle, some home remedies can help relieve the pain and swelling. For the pain of the inexplicable, which persists for days and occurs in a specific area of the breast, ask for a proper medical advice. For the first case, instead, we put together a how to relieve breast pain:

to get relief from breast pain, you can use an ice pack. The cold temperature will numb the affected area, as well as help you to reduce the swelling and the pain. Put some ice cubes in a plastic bag, and wrap it with a cloth. Apply this ice pack on the breasts for about 10 minutes. Repeat a couple of times a day until it feels better. You could also try alternating hot and cold packs to reduce swelling and tension. Also massaging the breast will help to reduce l’inflammation and improve blood circulation.


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