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How to react to insults

Each of us reacts to provocations in a different way. C’is the one who gets angry immediately, who kept calm, who escapes, who cries, who screams, and finally there are people who react with violence.

as they may all be considered as methods of defense are legitimate, there are ways to be more elegant and mature to react to the insults that come from other people.

First of all, it is important to ask if what we have perceived as an insult is really such. Before losing the stirrups, ask your interlocutor to clarify with greater precision to his position.

another important thing to do is to ask ourselves if what we think is a criticism is not the reality. It happens sometimes that you fail to admit you took a wrong behavior, and when we did notice we seem to be undergoing a’injustice ugly.

If the insults come unexpected from a person that you know well before you can defend yourself and attack, ask yourself if there’is something that should not be. It is very likely that the tones accesses and offensive that you are using your friend are only the manifestation of a problem his staff. The anger, the pain, and l’insecurity are the causes of almost all insults for this reason, it is important to understand the emotional and sentimental to your partner.

To the provocations, finally, fight back with irony. The real way to demolish those who want to hurt you is to not let his words affect you, even for a moment, your d’mind. It remains serene and impassive to disarm the provocateur and the maximum you react with a joke of the spirit. Those who are around you will be an intelligent person, brilliant and very sure of herself, and the insults received will only be jokes in bad taste from a bad person who needs to hurt others to save herself.

Infine ricorda che la violenza non è mai una soluzione quanto piuttosto è una cosa barbara e brutta.

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