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How to put on makeup when it rains

When it rains it’s a disaster! You never know how we must dress, what shoes to wear, how to comb in order to avoid to seem sloppy and distasteful, and dulcis in fundo how to put on makeup to avoid looking like a panda one minute after you leave home.

A perfect make-up even when it’s raining you can, and not bi dream to be the Madonna who runs “army” of make-up artist.

The first rule you need to know concerns the lack of sympathy between the dust and the rain.

The powder with the humidity and rain tend to aggrumarsi then use a light foundation even better if it’s a BB or CC cream or a cushion rather that the finish is too matt or powdery. In particular, the make-up artists suggest to apply it with a sponge or a swab evidtano spread it evenly with your fingers.

The same argument logically applies to the blush, better to opt for a cream. So much more that is brighter, and a bit of light on a gloomy day is the best you can get.

the eye shadow is preferable to cream even though being from a smaller area to the use of a good primer can go well the same. The council, however, is that if you have problems to use the cream eye shadow is preferable.

For touch-ups, use the maps, matting instead of the powder, which remove clarity without adding more powder on your face.

we don’t have one specified, but if the use of the primer is critical for a make-up long lasting and perfect when the weather is good, let alone when it rains. Games, therefore, always with the primer, and in case of rain you prefer those lighting base fishing fighting the complexion grey and cover better the imperfections even if you use a BB cream.

Needless to say: a pencil and/or eyeliner and mascara have to be absolutely waterproof. The waterproofing system not only serves to avoid a bad impression if the water were to come directly in contact with the eyes, but also, and especially, because being water-repellent, these products, are made to react better to humidity and thus ensure a better seal.

Finally the colors: the gray of the sky goes well with the cool colors and shades of pink. D avoid the, nude, beige and pink, very clear, and in general, all the warm colors and yellowish.

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