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how to fix a slack face

If the’ advance dell’ s age is felt for all, c’ it is, however, to say that the tone of the skin is affected before or after, in the people, for a number of reasons, first of all related to genetics, then lifestyle. Do you think that a young girl can have, alas, a slack face. But thanks to makeup, we can improve very much l’compared to the face, let’s see then, how to fix a slack face:

make up a face that is falling is extremely simple and you do not have to be of the make-up artists, to show some less, you just need to follow some helpful advice and always use products specifically designed for mature skin.

If you want to look better and to be presentable in public, especially if we are a little bit on in years and some hated the wrinkle begins to peep, to look younger, we have to follow some little trick. There will be a unique way of putting on makeup, but this will depend very much’ occasion’ final effect that you want to get, clearly it would be raunchy a heavy makeup to go to work, as well as perhaps be out of place in a makeup soap and water and go dancing. However, in principle, here’s some useful advice, valid in all circumstances:

-prepare the skin, cleansing it thoroughly, by doing a scrub or a peeling at least 1 time a week. Moisturize the skin with an anti-ageing and also used as a filler to the contour of the eyes.
-use a primer to the face, but only on special occasions and not daily.
-Use a good foundation, anti – wrinkle, verifying first of all that you tune perfectly to our incarnate, who is alternately on the right or smoothly, to cover different shades of color, or stains, and if possible that has a long duration.
-Always use the concealer, because you will need it if you want to cover dark circles and redness and pat dry with the powder is transparent.
-This is another product that should never be missed is the powder applied after the foundation and concealer set for a long the make-up.
-Apply a highlighter, or cream or powder, to give brightness and three-dimensionality to the face.

-apply a blush on the cheekbones, blending towards l’ to the top to give an effect-lifting

Apply the eye linear, eye shadow and plenty of mascara.

-Infine per ottenere una maggiore durata del maquillage, spruzzare sul viso un po’ di acqua termale o un fissatore spray per make up.

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