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How to purify the skin

Cleanse the skin of the face is of paramount importance to always have it well cared for and young a long time, in fact the makeup, smog, changes in climate, the excessive production of sebum, etc., all contribute to undermine our beauty and promote the occlusion of the pores, resulting in blemishes, pimples, blackheads, enlarged pores, etc.. Therefore, among other things, it is also essential to periodically perform a deep cleaning of the skin, in particular we see, then, how to purify the skin:

l’ most important thing if you’re fixing is to never forget, when you return to remove the face to perfection, or wash it with soap and water, then prepare a pot with water and bring it on the fire to prepare you for a deep cleaning.

It will reach the boiling point, at this point you can pour the water in a bowl and you will be able to support the face close, dress warmly your head with a towel, if you have any, pour in water a few drops of lemon essential oil or tea tree oil, from a high purifying power, can make the operation more pleasant and functional. Stay in this position for about 10 minutes, then find yourself, you will see that the poles will be open, then you can proceed to the removal of black spots, do not touch, instead, the pimples, as peggiorereste their appearance.

At this point applied on the face an exfoliating gel containing microgranules and wipe it on the face with circular movements, then rinse with care. At this point apply of indian oil if you can find as this product, if natural, purifies the better. Then rinse your face, pat dry and apply the moisturizer that fits your skin type.

Perform this cleaning every 15 days. To prolong the feeling of well-being and the cleanliness of the facial skin, once a week you could make a scrub, also do-it-yourself ( with lemon, sugar and honey), or make a mask to clay, in case you have delicate skin, better to prefer the white clay.

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